9 Charts to Analyze from the 2023 FAPRI Baseline Apr 5, 2023

    🕔Apr 5, 2023
    This year looks to be a transitional one. “What goes up, generally comes back down in agricultural markets,” shares FAPRI-MU director Pat Westhoff. “Projected prices for most crops, poultry and […]

    The 2023 Outlook for U.S. Agriculture From USDA’s Chief Economist Feb 24, 2023

    🕔Feb 24, 2023
    Speaking on Thursday at USDA’s Agricultural Outlook Forum, USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer provided a broad outlook for U.S. agriculture. Today’s update provides an overview of key aspects of Dr. Meyer’s presentation. In […]

    Top 10 Charts from the Kickoff of USDA’s Ag Outlook Forum Feb 23, 2023

    🕔Feb 23, 2023
    Seth Meyer, USDA chief economist, opened the 2023 Ag Outlook Forum on Thursday—one year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While aftershocks from COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine injected “tremendous” […]

    Brazil is Short on Bin Space As Grain Output Outpaces Storage Capacity Jan 11, 2023

    🕔Jan 11, 2023
    Brazil’s grain output dramatically outpaces storage capacity The 2022/23 crop season could post two records in Brazil. First, it could produce a record 313 million tons of soybeans, corn, cotton, […]

    Minimum Support Prices for Agricultural Commodities in India: Do Price Floors Really Matter? Dec 30, 2022

    🕔Dec 30, 2022
    India is an agricultural powerhouse. The country is the world’s single largest producer and consumer of milk and pulses. It is the second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, and […]

    Senate Passes Budget, Ag Provisions Included, as Winter Storm Creates Challenges; Senate Approves Key Ag Trade Positions Dec 23, 2022

    🕔Dec 23, 2022
    Tony Romm reported on the front page of today’s Washington Post that, “The Senate on Thursday adopted a sprawling, roughly $1.7 trillion bill that would fund the government through most of […]

    Removing China’s Domestic Price Trade Barriers: How Would it Impact Ag? Nov 30, 2022

    🕔Nov 30, 2022
    Although China imported more than $205 billion worth of agricultural products in 2021, including more than $37 billion from the U.S., trade barriers deterred China’s imports from reaching even higher […]

    Moving Grain: White House Launches Initiatives To Combat Fuel Prices Oct 29, 2022

    🕔Oct 29, 2022
    White House Launches Initiatives To Combat Fuel Prices For the week ending October 24, the U.S average diesel fuel price continued to rise for the third week in a row. […]

    Wheat Market: What Is the Latest Supply/Demand Situation for U.S. Wheat Classes? Oct 27, 2022

    🕔Oct 27, 2022
    The 2022 U.S. wheat harvest is complete and this week, USDA estimated farmers have seeded 79% of the 2023 winter wheat crop. As winter approaches and the planted crop goes […]

    Alabama Wheat: Annual Ryegrass Control Oct 20, 2022

    🕔Oct 20, 2022
    Removing weedy grasses from grass crops is likely one of the most difficult tasks for weed scientists and farmers alike. Annual ‘Italian’ ryegrass (Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum) may be the […]


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