National Young Farmers Coalition – Getting Newcomers into Ag – DTN Dec 16, 2020

    🕔Dec 16, 2020
    Agriculture is a family. It’s a common saying. Many of today’s farm and ranch operators have generations of agrarians behind them. They learned by just growing up on a farm […]

    Selling Food And Gaining Influence – New Realities – DTN Jan 21, 2020

    🕔Jan 21, 2020
    Influencer marketing campaigns, notably one of the most effective ways to connect consumers to farmers, take time. These bridges also require strategy, said Kent Lewis, digital marketing strategy expert and […]

    Farmers Can’t Ignore Consumers…Especially Their Fears – DTN Jan 21, 2020

    🕔Jan 21, 2020
    Editor’s Note: Disruption is a catalyst for change. The tech industry has purposely pursued disruption for decades as a means of stimulating growth and innovation. Agriculture is certainly no stranger […]

    Beef is Far From a Loser at Dinner Time, But It’s Not Exactly the Big Winner – DTN Apr 20, 2015

    🕔Apr 20, 2015
    Stand near the grocery store meat counter and watch for a while. Around 6 p.m. you’ll see a day-weary mom looking at the ribeyes or the packets of ground. Sometimes […]

    Property Lines: What Happens When Handshakes Don’t Work? – DTN Apr 8, 2015

    🕔Apr 8, 2015
    Bubba Brush has owned 300 acres outside Montevallo, Ala., for nearly 40 years. Along the way, he has learned a thing or two about working with, and living alongside, neighbors. […]


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