Rice and Wheat: U.S. Asserts First Ever WTO Claim Against India’s Price Support May 11, 2018

    🕔May 11, 2018
    On May 4, 2018, the United States submitted a counter notification in the WTO Committee on Agriculture on India’s market price support for wheat and rice – based on publicly […]

    Cleveland on Cotton: Rain Washes Over West Texas Acres; Don’t Be Greedy Aug 4, 2017

    🕔Aug 4, 2017
    The stage is being set for one heck of a play!! Mother Nature came back into play and instead of boosting West Texas production with adequate moisture, she likely washed […]

    U.S. Corn Exports to Mexico Could be at Risk – DTN Feb 14, 2017

    🕔Feb 14, 2017
    A Mexican senator at a rally on Sunday proposed that Mexico stop buying U.S. corn in retaliation for some of President Donald Trump’s stances on our southern neighbors.   Mexico is […]

    Cotton: Global Production, Consumption Forecast to Rise 2016/17 – USDA May 12, 2016

    🕔May 12, 2016
    USDA’s first detailed forecasts for the 2016/17 marketing year indicate substantially higher production, alongside a more muted increase in consumption, but still yielding the second consecutive year of declining global […]

    Farm Policy: WOTUS Enforcement Begins Friday – DTN Aug 27, 2015

    🕔Aug 27, 2015
    The Obama administration plans to implement the Clean Water Rule, also known as the waters of the United States rule, on Friday as scheduled, despite calls and court filings attempting […]

    Country-of-Origin Labeling: Retaliation Requests Expected from Canada, Mexico – DTN Jun 18, 2015

    🕔Jun 18, 2015
    The Canadian and Mexican governments are expected to take their requests to retaliate against the United States over country-of-origin labeling for beef and pork to the World Trade Organization in […]

    Canada Threatens $3B Tarrifs If U.S. Doesn’t Repeal Country-of-Origin Labels – DTN Jun 5, 2015

    🕔Jun 5, 2015
    Canada filed a request with the World Trade Organization on Thursday to slap as much as C$3 billion in retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products over country-of-origin labels for meat. Canada’s […]

    Trade: U.S. Wins Poultry, Swine Discrimination Case Over India – DTN Jun 4, 2015

    🕔Jun 4, 2015
    While the U.S. smarts over the World Trade Organization ruling on country-of-origin labeling, the WTO has handed the U.S. a victory in a dispute over India’s ban on various agricultural […]

    U.S. Beef Jerky is Back in Japan! Apr 9, 2015

    🕔Apr 9, 2015
    In January, the United States and Japan concluded nearly two years of negotiations to re-open the Japanese market to U.S. processed beef products. These efforts ensured that, for the first […]


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