Texas Blacklands Cotton: Fleahoppers Moving into Fields May 23, 2022

    🕔May 23, 2022
    GENERAL Wheat harvest operations are finally getting started, and hopefully we can get the crop harvested without the premature sprouting like last year. Corn in the area is reaching the […]

    Texas LRGV Cotton: Aphids, Spidermites, and Whiteflies May 23, 2022

    🕔May 23, 2022
    Cotton Aphids, spidermites, and whiteflies. Still seeing some heavy cotton aphid pressure in some cotton fields along the coast and in the mid Valley that were either not treated and […]

    Texas LRGV: Aphids Active, Be Aware of Volunteer Cotton in Replanted Fields Apr 30, 2021

    🕔Apr 30, 2021
    General Situation This week we had temperatures in the low 90s during the day and 70s at night for the LRGV. Very windy majority of the week with wind gusts […]

    Alabama: Producers Plan for 2021 with 2020 Cotton Pest Recap Jan 15, 2021

    🕔Jan 15, 2021
    Life in 2020 was dominated by COVID-19, however, the work continued for cotton producers. While the Alabama cotton industry had an unusual weather season, no one cotton pest dominated the […]

    Texas LRGV Cotton: Thirsty Crops, Quiet Pests Apr 24, 2020

    🕔Apr 24, 2020
    General Situation Another very hot week in the Valley as many crops were thirsty for water. I saw many fields of cotton, corn and grain sorghum being set up for […]

    Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Thrips, Aphids, Spidermites, and Wind Apr 15, 2020

    🕔Apr 15, 2020
    This planting season on the gulf coast has ranged from a little dry to fantastic so far. Hopefully we’ll catch a few rains where we need them and get everyone […]

    Texas Plains: Crops Progressing Rapidly; Cotton Fruit Loss a Concern Jul 10, 2018

    🕔Jul 10, 2018
    General Status We remain hopeful for a soaking rain but recently the skies only like to send heat units. We certainly are racking up those heat units. Unfortunately, what corn […]

    Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Lygus and Fleahoppers with a Side of Spidermites May 21, 2018

    🕔May 21, 2018
    This week I picked up two adult lygus bugs, one near the fairgrounds and one near La Salle. These insects can feed on cotton terminals, squares, flowers, and small bolls. […]

    Texas LRGV Cotton, Sorghum: Dryland – Drought; Fleahoppers May 14, 2018

    🕔May 14, 2018
    General Situation For the majority of the Valley cotton and grain is coming along nicely but for those dryland farmers in Willacy County this has certainly been a rough year […]

    Texas Plains: Heavy Insect Pressure in Late-Planted Grains; High Bollworm Numbers in Cotton Sep 8, 2017

    🕔Sep 8, 2017
    General Status I would love to say the pest pressure is winding down as we slip toward fall. The problem is, the pest pressure isn’t really winding down at all […]


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