South Dakota: Predicting Head Blight in Small Grains May 29, 2015

    🕔May 29, 2015
    National FHB Prediction Center The National Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center has an online tool that estimates the likelihood of FHB development in wheat (Figure 1). This tool uses weather […]

    South Dakota: Are My Pre-Emergent Herbicides Lost? May 15, 2015

    🕔May 15, 2015
    With the long, dry period before moisture was received, the common question is: will pre-emergent herbicide products that were applied still work or were they lost? In a significant number […]

    South Dakota: Drought Invites 5 Insects to Your Crop May 11, 2015

    🕔May 11, 2015
    According to the May climate and drought outlook, the majority of South Dakota is classified as being in a moderate drought. The less optimistic weather forecast indicates that crops are […]

    South Dakota: Managing Pest Population with ‘Old Methods’ – Video Mar 20, 2015

    🕔Mar 20, 2015
    Dwayne Beck, research manager of the Dakota Lakes Research Farm with South Dakota State University in Pierre, says he has been recognized for “rediscovering things his father and grandfather did” and implementing these […]


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