Texas Grain Sorghum: Hybrid Tolerance to Sugarcane Aphid Shows Dramatic Results Mar 12, 2018

    🕔Mar 12, 2018
    This is an edited version of a report first prepared for Texas Grain Sorghum Association’s “Sorghum Insider” (see other TGSA sorghum tips here)  Here we share results of different assessments of […]

    Texas Corn, Sorghum: Water Use, Drought-Tolerant Hybrids Still Key to Dryland Production Nov 24, 2017

    🕔Nov 24, 2017
    Risk management is the name of the game when it comes to growing dryland sorghum and corn, which both offer cropping alternatives “when and if” conditions are right, according to […]

    Sorghum: Purdue Received $5 Mln Grant to Develop Improved Varieties Nov 15, 2017

    🕔Nov 15, 2017
    Purdue University scientists will develop stronger, more versatile varieties of sorghum that have the potential to reach millions of African farmers, thanks to a $5 million, five-year grant from the Bill […]

    Texas: 2017 Grain Hybrid Trial Results Nov 8, 2017

    🕔Nov 8, 2017
    A unit of Texas A&M AgriLife is the Crop Testing Program, which has been functioning for over 40 years.  The program offers fee-based public testing of corn, grain sorghum, and sunflower […]

    Kansas Sorghum: 30-Year Study Indicates Need to Tap Genetic Diversity for Future Heat Stress Aug 15, 2017

    🕔Aug 15, 2017
    Kansas State University scientists have studied 30 years of sorghum production in Kansas and have concluded that the crop needs to exploit greater genetic diversity to handle heat stress should […]

    Alabama Sorghum: Choosing the Right Hybrid Variety Mar 16, 2017

    🕔Mar 16, 2017
    The battle between Alabama sorghum growers and sugarcane aphids infestations has raged for several years. Auburn University and Alabama Cooperative Extension System professionals working with industry partners have worked diligently to determine the […]

    Tennessee Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphid Tolerant Hybrids Mar 1, 2017

    🕔Mar 1, 2017
    Although it appears grain sorghum acres will be quite low in Tennessee during 2017, a list of sorghum hybrids with tolerance to sugarcane aphid has been developed.

    Arkansas Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids – Picking a Tolerant Variety Feb 14, 2017

    🕔Feb 14, 2017
    The sugarcane aphid has quickly become the most troublesome pest of grain sorghum in Arkansas since its arrival in the state in 2014.  Producers have insecticide options for aphid control […]

    Arkansas Sorghum: Early-Season Management Tips Mar 30, 2016

    🕔Mar 30, 2016
    Arkansas grain sorghum acreage increased dramatically in 2015 with 440,000 acres harvested, compared to only about 40,000 acres in 2010. Increased interest in grain sorghum was partially driven by very […]

    Sorghum: 40 New Early-Flowering Varieties Available Mar 16, 2016

    🕔Mar 16, 2016
    It’s an ancient grain that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Yet you may not even have heard of it. Sorghum was first grown more than 6,000 years ago […]


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