World’s Largest Soil Archive Brings History to Life May 31, 2023

    🕔May 31, 2023
    In 2018, a barn on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) main campus was set to be demolished. On demo day, Andrew Margenot, associate professor of soil sciences, walked into […]

    Ohio: Improved Soil Health Linked to Nitrogen Fertilizer Efficiency Across Corn Belt Jan 21, 2021

    🕔Jan 21, 2021
    Most farmers value soil health in theory, but few studies have worked to place an actual agronomic value on soil health. A study published earlier this spring found that a […]

    Soil Moisture Shortfall in Parts of Midwest Next Spring? Nov 24, 2020

    🕔Nov 24, 2020
    Unlike many recent years, fall has been very dry and soils continue to be dry over much of western Iowa.  The conditions have been excellent for harvest and fall fieldwork but […]

    Iowa: Apply Anhydrous? Update on Soil Temps Nov 4, 2020

    🕔Nov 4, 2020
    When it comes to applying fall anhydrous ammonia or manure with a high ammonium N content (like liquid swine manure), we recommend that soil temperatures at a 4-inch depth are […]

    Pennsylvania: Fall Is the Perfect Time for Soil Sampling Oct 2, 2020

    🕔Oct 2, 2020
    Routine soil testing is the foundation of any successful soil fertility program. Without knowing the nutrient levels and soil pH in your crop fields, it is impossible to manage nutrients […]

    Minnesota: When It Rains, It Pours: How Heavy Rainfall Can Lead to Nutrient Loss Aug 27, 2020

    🕔Aug 27, 2020
    From May to July of this year, 13 inches of rain fell at the Northwest Research & Outreach Center in Crookston — about 3.5 inches greater than the 30-year average. […]

    Nebraska: Survey Shows Range of Cover Crop Benefits as Acreage Expands Aug 27, 2020

    🕔Aug 27, 2020
    Despite the crippling rainfall that significantly delayed planting across much of the country in 2019, more than 90% of farmers participating in a national cover crop survey reported that cover […]

    Alabama: Understanding Pathways of Soil Phosphorus Loss Jun 1, 2020

    🕔Jun 1, 2020
    Educating ourselves about how phosphorus enters water bodies is important for agroecosystem management. Learn about phosphorus loss pathways from phosphorus-enriched soils. Phosphorus (P) is one of the primary nutrients essential […]

    California Almonds: Impacts of Soil Variability on Tree Performance Jul 10, 2017

    🕔Jul 10, 2017
    Many people are aware that soil types play a significant role with tree vigor and productivity, as well as affect management decisions relating to irrigation, pre-plant fumigation, fertigation practices, etc. […]

    Soil Health: If it’s Good for Farmers, It’s Good for the Environment – DTN May 19, 2017

    🕔May 19, 2017
    The Soil Health Institute unveiled its action plan on Thursday for advancing soil health in research, policy and on-farm practices.   The institute — created by the Oklahoma-based Samuel Roberts […]


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