Climate-Smart Collaboration: Researchers Put Soil “FRST” With USDA Grant May 18, 2023

    🕔May 18, 2023
    Soil testing is advancing through the collaborative efforts of three lead universities and funding from USDA’s Conservative Innovation Grants (CIG) program. The Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool, or “FRST,” combines soil […]

    K-State Researchers Advancing Computer Circuitry to Measure Soil Content Dec 8, 2022

    🕔Dec 8, 2022
    Now a decade old, study aims to develop biodegradable sensors for farmer’s fields MANHATTAN, Kan. — Can an electronic circuit — not much larger than a postage stamp — help to […]

    Keep In Mind Soil Test K and pH Are Affected By Low Soil Moisture Oct 14, 2022

    🕔Oct 14, 2022
    The accurate analysis of representative soil samples to determine lime and fertilizer needs is fundamental to crop production. Dry soils are hard soils, so be sure to sample the full […]

    Mississippi: What to Know About Soil Sampling and Testing – Podcast Sep 26, 2022

    🕔Sep 26, 2022
    Precision Nutrient Management Extension Specialist Brian Arnall with Oklahoma State University calls into the Crop Doctors’ Podcast studio in Stoneville talk about fall soil sampling and testing.  Brian, Jason, and […]

    Texas: Deep Soil Testing Offers Opportunity to Reduce Input Costs Mar 1, 2022

    🕔Mar 1, 2022
    In the wake of high fertilizer prices, one thing farmers should do this year more than any previous year is deep soil testing, according to a team of Texas A&M AgriLife […]

    Florida: Fine-Tune Your Fertility Program for 2022 Dec 13, 2021

    🕔Dec 13, 2021
    Farmers across North Florida are expressing concern about high and rising fertilizer costs as they look to the upcoming season. While there isn’t much that we can offer in terms […]

    Mississippi: Soil Health – Testing Key for Proper Management Apr 20, 2021

    🕔Apr 20, 2021
    The soils in Mississippi are diverse, reflecting parent material differences, the warm, humid climate, very active soil biology because of the warm, humid climate, and the unique topography. Agriculture in […]

    Alabama: Why Do Soil Labs Fertilizer Recommendations Differ? – Video Mar 10, 2021

    🕔Mar 10, 2021
    In this episode of On the Farm in Alabama, Alabama Extension soil scientist Dr. Audrey Gamble and Extension Agent Eddie McGriff discuss differences in soil labs and why there is […]

    Mississippi: Soil N Testing – Why We Can’t Have Good Things Feb 22, 2021

    🕔Feb 22, 2021
    We in Extension sing the praises of soil testing constantly because it provides a snapshot in time of the ability of a soil to provide nutrients to growing plants. However, […]

    Mississippi: Soil Test Recommendations – 3 Philosophies Jan 25, 2021

    🕔Jan 25, 2021
    Where does this recommendation based on my soil test results come from? If you are a grower not asking it, start. Three common recommendation philosophies are used to interpret the […]


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