Pennsylvania: White Mold in Soybeans Sporecaster Forecasts and Scouting Jul 17, 2020

    🕔Jul 17, 2020
    White mold is a soybean disease that occurs when spores from the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infect susceptible flowers, leading to growth throughout the soybean plant (Figure 1). Signs of white […]

    Nebraska: Japanese Beetles Emerging Jul 1, 2020

    🕔Jul 1, 2020
    Japanese beetle adults are beginning to emerge in eastern Nebraska. Their distribution has been increasing in Nebraska the last few years and they are being seen in corn and soybeans […]

    Iowa Corn: Start Scouting for Stalk Borers Jun 4, 2020

    🕔Jun 4, 2020
    In 2019, numerous field edges were infested with common stalk borer. Tracking degree days is a useful tool to estimate when common stalk borer larvae begin moving into cornfields from […]

    Iowa: Soybean Cyst Nematodes Coming on Fast Jun 4, 2020

    🕔Jun 4, 2020
    Iowa’s early planting season means that pests like the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) also are off to a quick start this year, which could result in a greater risk of […]

    Texas Cotton: Time to Increase Defense Against Thrips May 27, 2020

    🕔May 27, 2020
    Cotton planters are rolling across the Texas High Plains. While lot of cotton seed will go into the ground over the next couple of weeks, some of the early planted […]

    Iowa: Begin Scouting in Early Season for Better Management Decisions May 20, 2020

    🕔May 20, 2020
    As crops start to emerge, now is a good time to get out and do early-season scouting to see how things went with planting and to also check for any […]

    Nebraska: How to Scout Corn for Insects May 18, 2020

    🕔May 18, 2020
    As corn begins to emerge, be alert to the potential for damage from early season insects such as cutworms, wireworms, white grubs, or other insects. A key distinction to be […]

    Texas West Plains: Grain Sorghum, Peanuts, Cotton – 2 Videos Sep 14, 2018

    🕔Sep 14, 2018
    Grain Sorghum – You Must Scout! Grain sorghum ranges from just planted for cover to nearing harvest on early planted acres.   Sorghum acres which have not developed a grain head […]

    Florida: Scout Fields to Avoid Minor Problems Becoming Major Ones Aug 26, 2016

    🕔Aug 26, 2016
    If I can give one word of advice, it is to get out into the fields and investigate. Crops in North Florida appear to be deteriorating rapidly in many instances […]

    Georgia Cotton – Thomas County: Scouting for Stink Bugs Jul 23, 2016

    🕔Jul 23, 2016
    We started checking for stink bugs this week. Many cotton fields are in the 3 – 5 week bloom period, which is an important time for stink bug management. So far, […]


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