Ohio Soybeans: Recommendations for June Planting Jun 1, 2022

    🕔Jun 1, 2022
    According to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, 36% of soybean acreage in Ohio was planted by May 22. As soybean planting continues into June, consider row spacing, seeding rate, […]

    Arkansas Rice, Cotton: Crop Insurance Final Planting Dates May 24, 2022

    🕔May 24, 2022
    Expectations for a heavy rain event Tuesday and Wednesday of this week will delay the remainder of rice and cotton planting into the crop insurance late planting period. Forecasts as […]

    Minnesota Wheat: Of Seeding Dates, Rates, and Even More Delays… May 20, 2022

    🕔May 20, 2022
    Should you increase your seeding rates of spring wheat as seeding is delayed yet again?  The short answer is ‘Yes, you probably should. There are two approaches to determining how […]

    Indiana Corn: The Planting Date Conundrum Apr 27, 2022

    🕔Apr 27, 2022
    Conventional wisdom says that the prime planting “window” to maximize corn yields in much of Indiana opens about April 20 and closes about May 10. This “window” typically opens about […]

    Arkansas Corn: What Are Yield Expectations of May Planted Crops? Apr 27, 2022

    🕔Apr 27, 2022
    Across much of Arkansas, rainfall in March and April has delayed corn planting.  Driving across the state some areas have a fair amount of corn that was planted in a […]

    Michigan Soybeans: Planting Considerations for Maximum Profits Apr 23, 2022

    🕔Apr 23, 2022
    Soybean planting date has been shown to have a large impact on a crop’s yield potential. Typically, early-season soybean planting has shown improved yields compared to when planting is delayed. […]

    Mississippi Corn: When Is the Cut-Off Date for Planting? Apr 21, 2022

    🕔Apr 21, 2022
    Persistent rains have limited corn planting progress across much of Mississippi once again this spring. It is well known that corn is normally more productive when planted early, primarily because […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: What Do We Know About Planting Dates and Yield from Field Trials? Apr 20, 2022

    🕔Apr 20, 2022
    The impact of planting date on projections of corn and soybean yield is always an important issue at this time of year.  The weekly Crop Progress report from the USDA indicates […]

    Indiana Corn: When Is The Best Time To Plant? Apr 14, 2022

    🕔Apr 14, 2022
    As spring approaches and farmers and agronomists begin to get anxious as corn planting approaches, the question that often arrives each year is when is the best time to begin […]

    Arkansas Corn: What are the Yield Expectations of May Planted Crops? May 12, 2021

    🕔May 12, 2021
    This year’s planting season has been a challenge for some to get corn (and other crops) planted due to persistent untimely rains.  Areas of East-Central and Northeast Arkansas seem to […]


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