Texas: Remaining Profitable with Low Commodity Prices Feb 5, 2016

    🕔Feb 5, 2016
    Low commodity prices often results in a shift in acreage from one crop to another. However, when crop prices are low across the board, growers must look for alternative ways […]

    Mississippi: MSU Updates Pest Control Recommendations Jan 22, 2016

    🕔Jan 22, 2016
    Knowing when to treat for insect pests in crops is vital to keeping yields high and controlling the costs of agricultural production. Every year, the Mississippi State University Extension Service […]

    Bats: How these Nighttime Heroes Save $1 Billion in Crop Damage a Year Sep 30, 2015

    🕔Sep 30, 2015
    I happen to be a strong believer in the value of diversity for crop production, and talk about this issue regularly at farmer events. Research has clearly demonstrated that cropping […]

    Louisiana Soybeans: Working Toward Improved Integrated Pest Management Jun 18, 2015

    🕔Jun 18, 2015
    LSU AgCenter entomologists are evaluating integrated pest management programs that crop consultants and farmers use to control pests in soybeans across the state. The project evaluates the tools growers are […]

    Kentucky: Armyworm Moth Traps Peak May 5, 2015

    🕔May 5, 2015
    According to the latest moth counts from the Logan County Cooperative Extension office, Armyworm moth counts may have peaked the week of April 23rd.  

    Cutworm Moths on the Move, Don’t Bet on BT Hybrids or Seed Treatments – DTN Apr 23, 2015

    🕔Apr 23, 2015
    A larger-than-usual number of black cutworm moths are riding the winds of April storm systems sweeping up through the Corn Belt from their overwintering homes in the Gulf of Mexico. […]

    Indiana: Black Cutworm Moths Blowing In Apr 17, 2015

    🕔Apr 17, 2015
    Recent storm systems have brought black cutworms along for the ride. Timing of scouting can be improved by tracking heat unit accumulations, combined with pheromone trap catches. Scouting fields and […]

    Aphid Control: Avoiding Harm to Beneficial Insects Apr 15, 2015

    🕔Apr 15, 2015
    Aphids are among the first insects to appear on trees and shrubs in spring. They thrive under cool, rainy, conditions; our weather pattern to date has favored them. Aphids occur […]

    California: Now is the Time to Organically Prevent Wormy Apples and Pears Mar 16, 2015

    🕔Mar 16, 2015
    The codling moth is a common and serious pest in Contra Costa County’s home-grown apples, pears, and even in walnuts. You probably would never even notice the adult moth, Cydia […]

    Sorghum: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Sugarcane Aphid? Mar 13, 2015

    🕔Mar 13, 2015
    With prices good for grain sorghum (compared to other crops) there is a lot of interest in growing the crop this year. We can’t begin to tell you how many […]


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