Iowa: Fall Management Options for Corn Fields That Are Unharvestable Aug 27, 2020

    🕔Aug 27, 2020
    Fall Management Options for Corn Fields That Are Unharvestable Millions of corn acres have been damaged by the derecho on August 10. Unfortunately for some of these acres, harvest will […]

    Iowa Farmers: Less Tillage Reduces Nitrates and Phosphorus in Watershed – DTN Mar 13, 2017

    🕔Mar 13, 2017
    A group of farmers in northern Iowa’s heavily tiled Rock Creek Watershed are voluntarily taking proactive steps to keep nutrients from leaving their land. This farmer-led watershed project in Mitchell […]

    Soil Nutrients Missing? 5 Steps for Getting Back on Track Aug 18, 2016

    🕔Aug 18, 2016
    Nutrients are disappearing from our soils. While the past several years have seen impressive crop yields — the downside of the story is an increase in nutrient removal. The International […]

    Farm Bureau Wants Runoff Limits Overturned – DTN Nov 6, 2015

    🕔Nov 6, 2015
    Several major agricultural groups want the U.S. Supreme Court to define whether states or the federal government has authority under the Clean Water Act to implement and enforce specific nutrient […]

    Indiana: How Dry Weather Can Effect Soil Sampling Oct 30, 2015

    🕔Oct 30, 2015
    The accurate analysis of representative soil samples to determine lime and fertilizer needs is fundamental to crop production. Unfortunately persistent dry weather resulting in prolonged periods of low soil moisture […]

    Cereal Rye: Workhorse of Cover Crops Oct 1, 2015

    🕔Oct 1, 2015
    Cereal rye is a winter cereal crop that has garnered a lot of well-deserved attention in the cover crop world. As far as cover crops go in the Mid-south region, […]

    Flint on Crops: Efficient Water Use, Soil Improvement Necessary Sep 21, 2015

    🕔Sep 21, 2015
    A year like this one can teach us a lot about the importance of water in the production of crops. Here in the Hills we have to make the most […]

    Using Gypsum to Help Reduce Phosphorus Runoff Sep 1, 2015

    🕔Sep 1, 2015
    When it rains it pours. Whether we get a passing shower or a day-long downpour, the runoff ends up in rivers, streams and waterways. That runoff may include nutrients from […]

    Argentina Soybeans: Good Start But Skipping Fertilizer Lowering Yield Growth – DTN Feb 5, 2015

    🕔Feb 5, 2015
    Jorge Bianciotto looks over his soybeans with satisfaction on this fresh January afternoon at the heart of Argentina’s grain belt. “The early soybeans are exuberant. We have almost perfect weather […]


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