Georgia Peanuts: Dryland Yield and Grade Reports Vary Sep 25, 2014

    🕔Sep 25, 2014
    Peanut harvest is just now getting started in the area and I expect most growers to be picking peanuts in the next week to 10 days, weather permitting. Most of […]

    Georgia Peanuts: Considerations Before Harvest in Dryland Fields Sep 10, 2014

    🕔Sep 10, 2014
    Our peanut crop has suffered from several different challenges this year during the growing season. The dryland crop specifically has had increased insect pressures and drought conditions to overcome. As […]

    Georgia Corn: Stored Grain Protectant Update Aug 15, 2014

    🕔Aug 15, 2014
    Corn harvest is well underway and some growers may be considering storing some of this crop on the farm.  Here is an update from UGA Entomologist Dr. Michael Toews, on stored […]

    Georgia: Peanut Crop Moving Out of ‘Grace Period’ Jul 14, 2014

    🕔Jul 14, 2014
    The area peanut crop is moving right along, and most of the crop has entered the growth stage when the majority of the harvestable peanuts will be set.  Here are some […]

    Georgia: Final and Late Planting Dates for Crop Insurance Jun 12, 2014

    🕔Jun 12, 2014
    With the way the weather has been this year, there are still a good many acres that still need to be planted. Below are some words from UGA Economist, Nathan […]

    Georgia Cotton: Key Points for Thrips Management Jun 2, 2014

    🕔Jun 2, 2014
    While in most years we are mainly worried about thrips on early planted cotton (April and early May), several of you have asked questions in the last few days about spraying […]

    Georgia: Northern Corn Leaf Blight — Questions and Answers May 30, 2014

    🕔May 30, 2014
    As some of the corn around is starting to tassel, I am beginning to receive a few calls about when the best time to apply a fungicide is. The answer […]

    Georgia: Northern Corn Leaf Spot Showing Up May 30, 2014

    🕔May 30, 2014
    Northern Corn Leaf Spot has been found in other counties in Georgia and I found some here Thursday morning. As of now we do not think it is as bad […]

    Georgia Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight Problem May 14, 2014

    🕔May 14, 2014
    As I have been visiting wheat fields over that last days, I have noticed that our wheat has a significant amount of Fusarium Head Blight in it. You will notice the discoloration […]

    Georgia Peanuts: Preplant Herbicide Options Apr 8, 2014

    🕔Apr 8, 2014
    With everyone busy with field preparations for cotton and peanuts, a few have had questions about peanut herbicides for chemical weed burndown. Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Weed Scientist, has sent […]


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