Ag Trade: U.S. Policy Flux Hurting Farmers – DTN Mar 6, 2019

    🕔Mar 6, 2019
    Backing out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an ongoing trade battle with China and resulting retaliatory tariffs against the United […]

    Pres. Trump Rejuvenated by Farm Bureau Audience Enthusiasm – DTN Jan 16, 2019

    🕔Jan 16, 2019
    In the middle of his speech Monday to members of the American Farm Bureau Federation, President Donald Trump was explaining the need for a wall on the southern border when […]

    Ag Trade: New NAFTA Signed, China to Buy More U.S. Ag Products Dec 3, 2018

    🕔Dec 3, 2018
    This weekend in Buenos Aires, President Trump took important trade policy action that could impact U.S. agricultural markets.  After signing the USMCA, the president indicated that he would quickly withdraw from NAFTA, in an effort […]

    Ag Trade: What to Expect from the New NAFTA Nov 16, 2018

    🕔Nov 16, 2018
    After more than a year of talks, the US, Canada, and Mexico struck a new trade deal to replace NAFTA, known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. The agreement […]

    Montana Court Stalls Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Property Owners Relieved – DTN Nov 12, 2018

    🕔Nov 12, 2018
    The Keystone XL pipeline project hit yet another snag, as a federal court in Montana on Thursday overturned President Donald Trump’s administration’s approval of a permit to build the pipeline. […]

    Farm Bill Wrap-Up is Priority with Lame Duck Congress – DTN Nov 8, 2018

    🕔Nov 8, 2018
    U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, who likely will retake the chairmanship of the House Agriculture Committee, said Wednesday his top priority right now is to get a farm bill done in […]

    U.S. Trade Agenda Continues: Japan, EU, and U.K. Oct 18, 2018

    🕔Oct 18, 2018
    After recently signing a new KORUS (United States-Republic of Korea) Trade Agreement, and reaching an agreement on a revised North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office signaled this week that the U.S. will […]

    Canada – Trade Deal Wins, Losses Depend on Perspective – DTN Oct 5, 2018

    🕔Oct 5, 2018
    The Canadian response to this week’s announcement of the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal (USMCA) seems as varied as the weather pattern currently seen across the country. While Prime Minister Justin […]

    Ag Trade: New NAFTA Announced – What’s in It? Oct 2, 2018

    🕔Oct 2, 2018
    Wall Street Journal writers Jacob M. Schlesinger, Kim Mackrael and Vivian Salama reported Monday that, “The U.S. and Canada reached a dramatic, last-minute deal late Sunday night on revising the North American […]

    U.S. Ag – Where Do We Fit? NAFTA, Brazil Competition, China – Listen Up Sep 2, 2018

    🕔Sep 2, 2018
    Feeling weary of trade talk? Not exactly sure where agriculture fits in the latest trade discussions? Dr. Luis Ribera, Professor and Extension Economist at the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas […]


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