Chinese National Pleads Guilty in Plot to Steal Trade Secrets From Monsanto – DTN Jan 7, 2022

    🕔Jan 7, 2022
    A Chinese national and former employee of Monsanto Co. and The Climate Corp. pleaded guilty Thursday to committing economic espionage, according to the Department of Justice, after he was caught […]

    Pension Funds Sue Over Bayer-Monsanto Glyphosate Liability – DTN Oct 20, 2021

    🕔Oct 20, 2021
    A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that pension funds can move ahead with a class-action lawsuit against Bayer AG for allegedly making misstatements and failing to meet a standard of […]

    Dicamba Settlement Is a Go – DTN Dec 18, 2020

    🕔Dec 18, 2020
    Soybean farmers whose fields were injured by off-target dicamba movement in the past six years could file claims for compensation as early as late December, after the details of a […]

    Bayer Announced $10 Billion Settlement In Roundup-Cancer Claims Jun 24, 2020

    🕔Jun 24, 2020
    Bayer has agreed to pay more than $10 billion in the U.S. to settle current and potential claims that its Roundup herbicide causes cancer.

    Glyphosate Interim Registration Faces First Court Challenge – DTN Mar 25, 2020

    🕔Mar 25, 2020
    EPA’s interim registration approval of glyphosate in January now faces its first court challenge, as a number of food safety, farm worker and environmental groups have asked a federal appeals […]

    Glyphosate Suit Shifts Into Mediation – DTN Feb 5, 2020

    🕔Feb 5, 2020
    Both sides in the Wade v. Bayer glyphosate case have agreed to an indefinite continuance in the trial to allow settlement talks to continue, a spokesperson for Bayer told DTN […]

    China Caught Stealing Ag Tech – DTN Nov 26, 2019

    🕔Nov 26, 2019
    While trade talks with China remain off again, on again, the battle over intellectual property theft of agricultural technology continues with the indictment of a former scientist at Monsanto and […]

    Bayer’s NemaStrike is a No Go in 2020 – DTN Aug 1, 2019

    🕔Aug 1, 2019
    Bayer has announced it will not sell its seed treatment known as NemaStrike for the 2020 growing season, citing ongoing safety concerns with the nematicide. The company says the product, […]

    Bayer’s Stock Jumped on News of Plan to Deal with Glyphosate Lawsuits Jul 1, 2019

    🕔Jul 1, 2019
    Bayer AG shares leaped higher on Thursday, June 27 after the company released an action plan concerning ongoing gylphosate litigation and mediation. According to a Reuters article, “shares in the […]

    Bayer Faces Roundup Class-Action Lawsuits in Canada – DTN May 29, 2019

    🕔May 29, 2019
    Bayer’s legal battle on glyphosate has headed north of the border as class-action lawsuits alleging the use of Roundup causes cancer, have been launched in Canada. The latest was filed […]


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