Kansas Net Farm Income Climbed in 2020, Boosted by Rising Grain Prices, Govt. Payments May 18, 2021

    🕔May 18, 2021
    Early concerns for a tough year on Kansas farms linked to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 were ultimately alleviated by strong crop yields, dramatically improved grain prices and COVID-19-related government […]

    Kansas, Texas: “Furnace Winds” Occurring More Frequently Out West Oct 27, 2020

    🕔Oct 27, 2020
    You don’t need to tell folks in western Kansas that it can get hot there. And sometimes windy. And sometimes really dry. But when all three conditions happen at the […]

    Kansas Wheat: 2020 Variety Test Results Available Sep 4, 2020

    🕔Sep 4, 2020
    With the next winter wheat crop planting just days away, Kansas farmers can be armed with information about how different varieties fared across the state in the last growing season. […]

    Kansas: Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings for 2020 Jul 30, 2020

    🕔Jul 30, 2020
    One of the most important decisions wheat growers make each year is deciding what varieties to plant. Some have greater resistance to certain diseases than others. Some yield well despite […]

    Soybeans: K-State Leads Effort to Develop Heat Stress-Resilient Varieties Jul 9, 2020

    🕔Jul 9, 2020
    On a recent summer morning, a team of students and scientists worked quietly, row by row in a research field, thinning soybean seedling plants by hand and saving the strongest […]

    Kansas: Researchers Ask Farmers to Complete Weed Challenge Survey Jun 26, 2020

    🕔Jun 26, 2020
    Every year Kansas farmers wage a silent but persistent battle with weeds that rob their crops of valuable moisture and nutrients in the soil and reduce crop yields. Compounding the […]

    Kansas: Average Net Farm Income Expected to Drop 87% Jun 1, 2020

    🕔Jun 1, 2020
    Early on in the COVID-19 virus pandemic, it looked like agriculture might be an area that would maintain some semblance of normalcy. Farmers and ranchers tend to work in more […]

    Farm Finances: Focus on Costs, Increase Liquidity Mar 20, 2020

    🕔Mar 20, 2020
    Economic turmoil sparked by the COVID-19 virus means agricultural producers now more than ever, should do what they can to control costs and increase liquidity, according to agricultural economist Brian […]

    Kansas: Dryland Soil Health Network Meeting, Hays, Feb. 18 Jan 30, 2020

    🕔Jan 30, 2020
    There’s no teacher like experience, and like any profession, farmers learn from their own experiences plus those of fellow growers and researchers. With that in mind, K-State Research and Extension […]

    Southern Plains: Research to Boost Rainfed Ag – Improving Efficiencies, Soil Health Sep 17, 2019

    🕔Sep 17, 2019
    Kansas State University is leading a multi-agency team focused on improving water and nitrogen use efficiencies and improving soil health in the semi-arid southern Great Plains. The nearly $10 million […]


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