Mississippi: Soil Management – Immediately After the Flood Jun 14, 2021

    🕔Jun 14, 2021
    Flooding is challenging Mississippi families, homes, and farms again, hence, this should be a review for many readers. The first Mississippi Crop Situation post about flooded soils was published in […]

    Mississippi: Avoiding Nutrient Movement in the Landscape May 27, 2021

    🕔May 27, 2021
    Severe weather timing and intensity, temperature changes, or even insect pressure affect nutrient management outcomes, but we cannot succumb to frustration at the start. Nutrient and sediment movement on the […]

    Mississippi Corn: Optimizing Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer May 10, 2021

    🕔May 10, 2021
    Mississippi’s warm, wet climate can pose considerable issues with nitrogen fertilization for corn, which is quite responsive and demands high amounts for optimal productivity. The South’s warm, high rainfall climate […]

    Mississippi: Soil Health – Testing Key for Proper Management Apr 20, 2021

    🕔Apr 20, 2021
    The soils in Mississippi are diverse, reflecting parent material differences, the warm, humid climate, very active soil biology because of the warm, humid climate, and the unique topography. Agriculture in […]

    Mississippi: Read the Fertilizer and Lime Labels! Apr 12, 2021

    🕔Apr 12, 2021
    To read and follow pesticide labels is common knowledge and accepted practice in agriculture. It should be practiced more for fertilizers, lime, and soil fertility enhancement products. Fertilizers: Why read […]

    Mississippi: Fundamental Fertilizer Management for 2021 Apr 5, 2021

    🕔Apr 5, 2021
    Fertilizer prices are a trending topic of Plant 2021. Many, if not most row crop farmers in Mississippi and surrounding states address basic soil fertility needs either via fall applications […]

    Mississippi: Planning to Lime for the 2022 Crop Mar 22, 2021

    🕔Mar 22, 2021
    Wait a minute, aren’t we just now planting the 2021 crop? True, however, some fields being planted now will suffer from soil acidity issues this year. There may be short […]

    Mississippi: Soil Health – Effects of Poultry Litter Applications Mar 15, 2021

    🕔Mar 15, 2021
    Healthy soils have thriving biological populations busy recycling nutrients. Just as good working environments aid human productivity, good working environments foster the soil biological population. Soil physical factors that impact […]

    Mississippi: Practices That Sequester Soil Carbon Mar 8, 2021

    🕔Mar 8, 2021
    Soil carbon (C) sequestration is the practice of growing plants to capture atmospheric C and store it in the soil to mitigate climate change. Soil carbon sequestration is not a […]

    Mississippi: Managing Soils for Carbon Sequestration Mar 1, 2021

    🕔Mar 1, 2021
    Private and public sector stakeholders are striving to boost soil carbon (C) as a climate migration strategy. This note will focus on the science of soil C, and management practices […]


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