Pennsylvania: Weed Seeds This Fall Means More Weeds Next Spring Aug 27, 2022

    🕔Aug 27, 2022
    Now is the time to think about controlling summer annual weeds prior to seed set in cropping situations where possible. Preventing seed production is important for driving down the weed seed bank […]

    Corteva Agriscience Submits New Cereals Herbicide to EPA Feb 27, 2020

    🕔Feb 27, 2020
    Corteva Agriscience submitted a new herbicide to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for extended control of broadleaf weeds in wheat. Pending EPA registration, WideARmatch herbicide with Arylex active will […]

    Minnesota: Weed Control in Late Planted Crops Jun 6, 2019

    🕔Jun 6, 2019
    The wet spring has been frustrating for a lot of farmers to get crops planted. One consolation with the late start is that there are several weed-control benefits of delayed […]

    Midwest Weeds: Wet, Cold Weather Made for Woolly Fields – DTN May 15, 2019

    🕔May 15, 2019
    The persistent cold, wet weather dogging much of the corn and soybean belt this spring has kept many farmers from applying their usual early spring burndown applications.

    Indiana: ATS and Burndown Herbicide Treatments Apr 5, 2019

    🕔Apr 5, 2019
    This spring we have received a number of questions regarding the use of glyphosate-based burndown herbicides programs with ATS (ammonium thiosulfate). Increased use of ATS is being driven by the […]

    Western Corn Belt: June Rain Just Wouldn’t Stop and Now… – DTN Jul 2, 2018

    🕔Jul 2, 2018
    Heavy rains in the Western Corn Belt in June raised water levels in local creeks and streams, but also raised producers’ agronomic concern levels. Chief among those concerns are nitrogen […]

    Pennsylvania: Weed Control After Silage Harvest or in Fallow Settings Sep 18, 2017

    🕔Sep 18, 2017
    Control of weeds after silage harvest is possible but it depends on the weed species, timing, and condition after harvest.

    Elevore Herbicide Receives Federal EPA Registration Aug 30, 2017

    🕔Aug 30, 2017
    Innovation to fall and spring burndown programs is now reality with the announcement by Dow AgroSciences that Elevore herbicide has received federal registration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). […]

    Minnesota: Mow Fenceline Weeds Now to Prevent Seed Production Aug 23, 2017

    🕔Aug 23, 2017
    As summer field activities wind down, harvest will soon be in full swing. Take the time now to mow fenceline weeds to prevent or minimize seed production. Fencelines are often […]

    Burndown: Elevore Pre-Plant Herbicide Available in 2018 to Control Broadleaf Weeds Jul 31, 2017

    🕔Jul 31, 2017
    Trials across the Midwest and Midsouth conducted by farmers and retailers through Dow AgroSciences’ Field Forward on-farm research program showed superior burndown control on tough broadleaf weeds using Elevore herbicide. […]


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