Corn and Soybean Prevent Plant and the Dakotas Aug 6, 2022

    🕔Aug 6, 2022
    Since 2007, North and South Dakota have accounted for roughly 35% of U.S. corn and soybean prevent plant acres vs. 9% and 12%, respectively, of acres planted to corn and […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2023 Crop Budgets – Higher Costs and Lower Returns Aug 6, 2022

    🕔Aug 6, 2022
    The first release of the 2023 Illinois Crop Budgets is available on farmdoc. Costs are projected to increase in 2023 from 2022 levels. At projected cost levels, per bushel prices of $5.30 for […]

    Crop Insurance Performance by Crop Persists Over Time Jul 29, 2022

    🕔Jul 29, 2022
    The Risk Management Agency (RMA) undertook a rating review that was published in 2011 because of relatively low loss ratios for some crops, including corn and soybeans. Revised ratings began […]

    Nitrogen Fertilizer Outlook for 2023 Decisions Jul 23, 2022

    🕔Jul 23, 2022
    Farmers will face much higher fertilizer prices to begin the 2023 planning season. For 2022, farmers who purchased fertilizer early had much lower fertilizer costs than those who purchased later […]

    Corn: Has Adverse Weather Affected U.S. Yield Trends? Jul 14, 2022

    🕔Jul 14, 2022
    U.S. corn yields has been increasing since the late 1930s. Current evidence suggests that U.S. yields are increasing between 1.9 and 2.0 bushels per year. While down from higher yield […]

    The 2021 Crop Insurance Loss Performance Jul 8, 2022

    🕔Jul 8, 2022
    The Risk Management Agency (RMA) recently realized 2021 county yields, thereby allowing payments to be made on area plans of insurance, including Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option […]

    Illinois: Are Ag Retailers Increasing Margins for Anhydrous Ammonia Over Time? Jul 1, 2022

    🕔Jul 1, 2022
    Periods of high nitrogen fertilizer prices bring scrutiny to firms who make nitrogen fertilizer and retailers who sell nitrogen fertilizer. There are four major nitrogen fertilizer companies in North America. […]

    Grain Markets: What Are Long-Run Prices? Jun 1, 2022

    🕔Jun 1, 2022
    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently released projected outlays for Federal farm programs from 2021 to 2031. To make these ten-year projections, CBO used estimates of commodity prices over the next […]

    Illinois: Production from Double-Crop Soybean Rotations May 18, 2022

    🕔May 18, 2022
    For 2023, growing wheat followed by soybeans (wheat-double-crop-soybeans) currently is projected to be more profitable than growing either corn or soybeans, particularly in southern Illinois. Much of the higher projected […]

    Corn, Soybeans: Review of Prevented Plant Decisions for 2022 May 6, 2022

    🕔May 6, 2022
    Although planting progress can quickly catch up to average levels with favorable weather, planting progress to date lags across the Corn Belt, almost matching the pace in 2019 when many […]


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