Farm Safety Net: 2021 PLC, ARC Payments and Outlook for 2022 and 2023 Oct 28, 2022

    🕔Oct 28, 2022
    The Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently released all the information necessary to calculate 2021 commodity title payments. For 2021, Price Loss Coverage (PLC) did not make payments for corn, soybeans, […]

    Illinois: PACE and Nitrogen Fertilizer Strategies for 2023 Oct 12, 2022

    🕔Oct 12, 2022
    Nitrogen fertilizer prices are high and volatile, leading to concerns about fertilizer costs moving into 2023. Farmers have several tools for managing risks, including the Post Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE), […]

    Corn, Soybeans: What Will 2023 Projected Prices Be? Oct 5, 2022

    🕔Oct 5, 2022
    Current futures prices signal relatively high prices for corn and soybeans in the fall of 2023. Relatively high prices are needed to have profitability given significant increases in costs for […]

    Illinois: Fertilizer Prices, Rates, and Costs for 2023 Sep 30, 2022

    🕔Sep 30, 2022
    While fertilizer prices have declined since spring, fertilizer prices remain high, and fertilizer costs are significantly higher than a year ago. Therefore, reducing rates where practicable seems prudent. Some fields […]

    A Straight-Forward Variable Cash Lease with Revised Parameters Sep 23, 2022

    🕔Sep 23, 2022
    Last year, we specified terms for a variable cash rent agreement. Variable cash rents are one form of farmland leasing that has the rent vary based on crop revenue.  We […]

    Farm Policy: A Historical Look at Discussions of Margin Protection Sep 22, 2022

    🕔Sep 22, 2022
    In April 1933, Senator George W. Norris (R-NE) argued that Congress should include a cost of production calculation in farm support policy.  His efforts were part of the debate for […]

    Illinois: Information for Setting 2023 Cash Rents Sep 21, 2022

    🕔Sep 21, 2022
    Information relative to cash rents levels is now relatively complete. The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) recently released state and county rents for 2022. The Illinois Society of Professional Farm […]

    Crop Insurance: Margin Protection – What Is It, Does It Help? Sep 4, 2022

    🕔Sep 4, 2022
    Margin Protection (MP) is multi-peril crop insurance that provides coverage against unexpected decreases in operating margins. Given the expectation for higher costs and lower returns for 2023, there may be […]

    Illinois: Projected Wheat Double-Crop Soybean Profitability in 2023 Aug 27, 2022

    🕔Aug 27, 2022
    In the August version of the 2023 Illinois Crop Budgets, wheat plus double-crop soybean is projected to be much more profitable than stand-alone corn and stand-alone soybeans in southern Illinois. Wheat-double-crop-soybeans has […]

    Illinois: Farmland Prices Higher but Still in Line with Market Fundamentals Aug 19, 2022

    🕔Aug 19, 2022
    Farmland prices have increased by large amounts over last year’s prices. Even given these increases, farmland prices still are near levels suggested by the historical relationship between farmland prices, farmland […]


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