Rice Market: Japan Eyes New Export Markets, Including U.S. Mar 11, 2022

    🕔Mar 11, 2022
    Japan’s culture has long been interwoven with their rice industry, however for many years it has been something they keep close to home, consuming nearly the entire domestic crop. But with […]

    Ag Trade: China, South Korea Ban German Pork Due to African Swine Fever Sep 14, 2020

    🕔Sep 14, 2020
    Late last week, Bloomberg writers Megan Durisin, Brian Parkin, and Isis Almeida reported that, “A deadly pig disease has materialized in Germany for the first time, threatening to hammer exports from Europe’s […]

    U.S. Rice Makes Inroads in Japanese Consumer Market Jun 22, 2020

    🕔Jun 22, 2020
    A recent article in the Shokei Advice, a rice trade paper, reported on U.S. medium grain Calrose rice that attracted a lot of attention from consumers shopping at Gyomu Super, a […]

    California Rice Featured in Premium Japanese Sake Jun 4, 2020

    🕔Jun 4, 2020
    Rice harvested at Koda Farms, a Japanese-founded farm in Merced County, California, is being used to make saké at a brewery in the Japan Fukushima Prefecture city of Nihonmatsu.  Koda […]

    Global Markets: Rice – Medium- and Short-Grain Trade Overview Feb 14, 2020

    🕔Feb 14, 2020
    Although the majority of rice traded internationally is long-grain rice, there is a smaller but significant quantity of medium- and short-grain rice. Typically, trade for these classes is relatively stable, […]

    Louisiana Rice: LSU AgCenter Gives Farmers Optimistic Outlook Feb 11, 2020

    🕔Feb 11, 2020
    Farmers heard about several optimistic developments in the international rice trade at the 2020 meeting of the Louisiana Rice Council and Louisiana Rice Growers Association on Feb. 10. Betsy Ward, […]

    China Pork Shortage Overrides Tariffs – DTN Nov 6, 2019

    🕔Nov 6, 2019
    The pork shortage in China caused by African swine fever continues to overcome high import tariffs for U.S. pork heading to the Chinese market. Dan Halstrom, president and CEO of […]

    Global Market – Wheat – U.S. to Maintain Competitiveness in Japan Oct 11, 2019

    🕔Oct 11, 2019
    On October 7, 2019, the United States and Japan signed the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement. This Agreement enhances market access, allowing American farmers and ranchers to remain competitive to other countries […]

    Ag Trade: Trump Signs Japan Deal – DTN Oct 9, 2019

    🕔Oct 9, 2019
    A large contingent of agricultural lobbyists joined President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday to sign a partial trade deal with Japan. The agreement will lower or eliminate […]

    U.S., Japan Sign Partial Trade Agreement, Lower Ag Tariffs Sep 26, 2019

    🕔Sep 26, 2019
    Wall Street Journal writers Vivian Salama and Josh Zumbrun reported yesterday that, “President Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed a trade-enhancement agreement that will lower agricultural tariffs in Japan, industrial tariffs in the […]


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