Brown Rice Variety Packs Antioxidant Punch Jan 28, 2020

    🕔Jan 28, 2020
    GEDrew is a brown rice with an odd kernel trait that sidelined its commercial prospects. Now, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists’ re-examination of the trait and its link to increased […]

    Rural Living – Statistics Paint An Unhealthy Picture – CDC Jan 12, 2017

    🕔Jan 12, 2017
    A new CDC study demonstrates that Americans living in rural areas are more likely to die from five leading causes than their urban counterparts. In 2014, many deaths among rural […]

    Indiana: Downward Trend in Farm Fatalities Despite Recent Increase Oct 8, 2015

    🕔Oct 8, 2015
    There were 25 farm-related deaths in Indiana last year, an increase from 18 the previous year, according to Purdue University’s 2014 Indiana Farm Fatality Summary. Despite the one-year increase, the […]


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