Ohio Corn: Growing Degree Days vs. Calendar Days – How Long Will Emergence Take? May 11, 2021

    🕔May 11, 2021
    When we examine crop emergence post-planting, two factors can impact speed of emergence – soil moisture content and soil temperatures. If soil temperatures are lower, it can take more calendar […]

    Florida Peanuts: Start Tracking Maturity Now May 11, 2021

    🕔May 11, 2021
    This year’s peanut seeds may have just gone into the ground, but it’s never too early to take steps to maximize your crop’s yield and grade. Making sure peanuts are […]

    Corn: Heat Unit Concepts Related to Crop Development Apr 20, 2020

    🕔Apr 20, 2020
    Growth and development of corn are strongly dependent on temperature. Corn develops faster when temperatures are warmer and more slowly when temperatures are cooler. For example, a string of warmer […]

    Michigan Corn: Online Tool Estimates Crop Development, Projects Maturity Jul 8, 2019

    🕔Jul 8, 2019
    Corn planting across the Midwest has been delayed by persistent wet weather during the last two springs. Delays this year have been much more widespread than in 2018, and delayed […]

    Ohio Weather: Soils Remain Cool, but Conditions Should Warm Up Soon Apr 24, 2018

    🕔Apr 24, 2018
    Air and soil temperatures remain below normal across Ohio with most soil temperatures below the critical 50 degree level. There is a risk of some frost this Thursday morning and […]

    Michigan: Understanding Growing Degree-Days Aug 31, 2017

    🕔Aug 31, 2017
    Growing degree-days (GGDs), while not perfect, are a more reliable method of predicting crop and insect development than calendar days. Differing threshold temperatures and beginning accumulation dates are used to […]

    Michigan Corn: What to Expect from Late-May Planting Jun 9, 2016

    🕔Jun 9, 2016
    Another cool, wet spring in Michigan pushed corn planting in many parts of Michigan to the last two weeks of May. However, patience seems to have paid off, as much […]

    Florida Corn: Online Tool Helps with Silage Harvest Decisions Jun 1, 2015

    🕔Jun 1, 2015
    As North Florida gears up to begin chopping corn silage, there is some great data available that will help make decisions.


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