Grain Prices Falling Due to Mississippi River Shipping Issues Oct 12, 2022

    🕔Oct 12, 2022
    Farmers faced with high fuel and fertilizer costs this growing season could at least look for consolation in relatively high commodity prices. However, even that right spot may be slipping […]

    Grain Prices Will Remain High During the 2022 Marketing Year – Commentary Aug 7, 2022

    🕔Aug 7, 2022
    This week, continuing our examination of four crises facing food and agriculture we turn our attention to what the executive director of the World Food Programme, David Beasley, has described […]

    Texas Field Reports: Grain Prices High, Yields Not Promising Jul 20, 2022

    🕔Jul 20, 2022
    Grain prices remain strong, but heat and drought have taken a toll on Texas crop acres, which could impact supplies and prices in the short- and long-term, according to a Texas […]

    Global Fertilizer Flows Could Face “Prolonged Disruptions,” as Grains Extend “Blistering Rally” Mar 2, 2022

    🕔Mar 2, 2022
    Financial Times writers Roman Olearchyk, Guy Chazan, Polina Ivanova and Demetri Sevastopulo reported on Tuesday that, “Russia stepped up its bombardment of Ukraine’s biggest cities, firing missiles on targets in populated […]

    Corn, Soybean Price Increases Boost Farm Income, Upend Global Trade Flows May 3, 2021

    🕔May 3, 2021
    Reuters writer Tom Polansek reported last week that, “A surge to eight-year highs in U.S. corn and soybean prices is boosting farmers’ incomes and their demand for land, tractors and tools. It is a turnaround for the agricultural […]

    Grain Markets: Prices Hit Highest Levels Since 2013 Apr 28, 2021

    🕔Apr 28, 2021
    Bloomberg writers Kim Chipman and Megan Durisin reported this week that, “A crop rally in the U.S. is making essential food commodities dramatically more expensive, and the costs could soon spill […]

    Ag Trade: Grain Price Strength Fueled by Chinese Demand Feb 8, 2021

    🕔Feb 8, 2021
    Financial Times writer Emiko Terazono reported last week that, “Global food prices have reached their highest in almost seven years, further raising the spectre of food inflation and hunger at a […]

    Texas: Grain Sorghum Pricing for 2021 & Managing Your Crop Feb 1, 2021

    🕔Feb 1, 2021
    Prospects for grain sorghum acreage in Texas in 2021 are more favorable than the past several years.  Pricing is up with adjustments relative to Dec21 corn ($4.18/bu as of this […]

    Where Are Grain Prices Heading? Ask The Dollar – DTN Dec 4, 2020

    🕔Dec 4, 2020
    Life is full of eerie little coincidences: You dream of a long-forgotten friend one night, then they call you the next day — or you just happen to notice your […]

    DTN Closing Grain: Prices Down May 12, 2020

    🕔May 12, 2020
    July corn closed up 3 3/4 cents Tuesday, unfazed by USDA’s estimate of 3.318 billion bushels of ending stocks in 2020-21. July soybeans were down 3 cents and July KC […]


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