Texas Corn: Sorting Through Rootworm Beetle Bt Efficacy Differences Sep 2, 2019

    🕔Sep 2, 2019
    Last year we had huge numbers of corn rootworm beetles in corn around Hart in early July, and I wrote at the time that they were “probably resistant” to the mCry3a rootworm […]

    Texas: Corn, Sorghum in Place of Cotton – Insect Considerations May 25, 2015

    🕔May 25, 2015
    Some cotton growers are considering planting corn or sorghum if they can’t get all of the cotton acres planted by the insurance cutoff date. This article is meant to provide […]

    Texas Cotton: Root-Knot Nematodes – Resistant Varieties, Early Season Management Mar 2, 2015

    🕔Mar 2, 2015
    The root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) is widely distributed throughout much of the southern High Plains and is capable of causing significant yield loss. Since 1996 I have soil sampled IPM […]

    Texas Grain Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Increase in South Plains Oct 21, 2014

    🕔Oct 21, 2014
    In early to mid-September we confirmed the presence of sugarcane aphid in Hale, Swisher and Floyd counties. Over the next few weeks we watched and documented as the sugarcane aphid […]

    Texas Cotton: Fall Armyworm Counts Climbing Jul 11, 2014

    🕔Jul 11, 2014
    Fall armyworm numbers started climbing back up today and there were many fresh moths in the traps. This is the front end of the next flight. The big question is […]

    Texas Cotton: No Magic Product to Rescue a Struggling Crop Jul 11, 2014

    🕔Jul 11, 2014
    Cotton across the region has begun to come around and resume growth and development following the much needed and timely precipitation events. Although I have heard a few grumblings of […]

    Texas Wheat: Freeze Assessment – Damage Largely Dependent on Growth Stage Apr 29, 2014

    🕔Apr 29, 2014
    I have only a small number of wheat freeze inquiries this week. In general, I think the average wheat field in the region on the same calendar date is about […]

    Texas Cotton: Negative Impacts of Soil and Water Salinity Apr 29, 2014

    🕔Apr 29, 2014
    As a result of the continued drought conditions, some producers in the Southern High Plains region have decreased emergence and/or cotton yield due to soil and irrigation water salinity. Cotton […]


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