Fertilizer Trends For Fall: Is Now The Time To Buy? Aug 29, 2023

    🕔Aug 29, 2023
    As farmers grow closer to applying fall fertilizer, Josh Linville, director of fertilizer at StoneX, shares a few factors to consider. Pricing Trends for Phosphate and Potash “On the potash […]

    What We Know About Anuvia Shutting Down May 30, 2023

    🕔May 30, 2023
    Via social media late last week, former Anuvia leaders have confirmed the company is suspending operations and liquidating assets. Farm Journal has confirmed this news, but the company does not […]

    BASF Ag Solutions Announces Its Pipeline Of New Products Mar 20, 2023

    🕔Mar 20, 2023
    BASF presents the latest advancements in its agricultural innovation pipeline of crop protection, seeds and traits, and digital solutions. Their focus is to provide much-needed solutions for farmers to overcome […]

    Why Are Some Ag Retailers Sitting on High Fertilizer Prices? Making Sense of the Disparity Right Now Mar 15, 2023

    🕔Mar 15, 2023
    Fertilizer and herbicide prices continue to fall, and there are signs the decline could continue into spring. Now the issue is the number of agricultural retailers sitting on high-priced inputs, […]

    Top 10 Charts from the Kickoff of USDA’s Ag Outlook Forum Feb 23, 2023

    🕔Feb 23, 2023
    Seth Meyer, USDA chief economist, opened the 2023 Ag Outlook Forum on Thursday—one year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While aftershocks from COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine injected “tremendous” […]

    Vilsack Lists USDA’s 4 Policy Objectives for 2023 Jan 10, 2023

    🕔Jan 10, 2023
    USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack has a history of making key announcements during visits, and that was the case during his appearance at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting in […]

    USDA Announces Major Program Improvements, Progress, and Investments to Benefit American Farmers, Ranchers, and Producers Jan 9, 2023

    🕔Jan 9, 2023
    Today, at the American Farm Bureau Federation annual convention, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced several major developments at the U.S. Department of Agriculture that will benefit farmers, ranchers and producers […]

    What are the Soil Nitrate Levels after Drought followed by Late Season Rainfall? Dec 19, 2022

    🕔Dec 19, 2022
    The unusually dry soil conditions during most part of the growing season this year limited nitrogen (N) uptake and lessened the potential for N loss through denitrification or leaching. Intuitively, […]

    “Fertilizer Prices Are Falling,” Black Sea Export Deal in Focus, Mississippi River Flow Draws Attention Oct 22, 2022

    🕔Oct 22, 2022
    Bloomberg writers Elizabeth Elkin and Tarso Veloso Ribeiro reported yesterday that, “Fertilizer prices are falling as farmers balking at the high costs of nutrients hold off on purchases, driving down demand and causing gluts that […]

    Ukraine War Pushes Food, Fertilizer Prices Higher; Mississippi Barge Rates Hit Record High Oct 3, 2022

    🕔Oct 3, 2022
    Wall Street Journal writer Yuka Hayashi reported late last week that, “Sharp rises in food and fertilizer prices caused by the war in Ukraine are creating the worst global food crisis since at least 2008, putting […]


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