Georgia Pecans: A New Fertilizer Product? – Podcast Dec 4, 2020

    🕔Dec 4, 2020
    Southeast Georgia extension pecan specialist Andrew Sawyer interviews county extension agent Scout Carter about potential new products to aid in fertilizing young orchards in this episode of the South Georgia […]

    Georgia Forage: Tips for Winter Fertilization Nov 25, 2015

    🕔Nov 25, 2015
    Our forage crops look much better now than they did this time last season. October was dry just like last season, but some soil had enough moisture to get a stand […]

    Arkansas Wheat: Getting Your Crop to a Good Start for 2015 Sep 24, 2015

    🕔Sep 24, 2015
    With the continued warm and dry weather across Arkansas, harvest of summer crops is making good progress.  The latest Arkansas Agriculture Statistics Service Crop Progress Report indicates that corn harvest […]

    California Alfalfa: Addressing Fertilization Needs Sep 22, 2015

    🕔Sep 22, 2015
    In late August, I was requested by a crop consultant to visit an alfalfa field in the Delta that was exhibiting symptoms like those in the picture. The leaves had […]

    Iowa: 4 Considerations to Make About Phosphorus and Potassium Management Sep 17, 2015

    🕔Sep 17, 2015
    Crop prices have been declining and there is considerable uncertainty about the future. Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizer prices have remained approximately constant or have declined slightly. Therefore, producers […]

    Mississippi: Fertilizer Costs – Everything Old Is New Again Mar 27, 2015

    🕔Mar 27, 2015
    A new conversation about an old concept is happening in soil fertility management.

    Flint on Crops: Challenges for Farmers Keep Coming, Keep Changing Jul 28, 2014

    🕔Jul 28, 2014
    Farmers always have challenges; if that were not true there would probably be many more farmers. They face an endless number of issues brought on either directly or indirectly by […]

    Arkansas: Don’t Let Sulfur Deficiency Limit Yields May 30, 2014

    🕔May 30, 2014
    Pay attention to potential deficiency symptoms and as you get ready to sidedress, consider including sulfur in your fertilization program, with about 75-100 lb/acre ammonium sulfate being enough to meet […]

    Before Fertilizing Your Fish Pond, Ponder These Points — AgFax Mar 3, 2014

    🕔Mar 3, 2014
    There are certainly benefits to implementing a fertilization program in your fishing pond. First and foremost: more and bigger fish. But, as Wes Neal — Associate Extension Professor, Fisheries, with […]

    Flint on Crops: Fertilization Critical Issue for Wheat in 2014 Feb 18, 2014

    🕔Feb 18, 2014
    Wheat growers need to get in their fields just as soon as possible and start scouting for the various kinds of weeds that begin to get active along with the […]


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