Drones: Farmers Still Waiting on Federal Rules for Ag Use Oct 20, 2015

    🕔Oct 20, 2015
    Users who fly drones for fun may soon have to register their machines. A new task force announced Monday (Oct. 19) has been charged with recommending a registration process for […]

    Drones: Are Regulations Keeping Up with Technology? – DTN Oct 7, 2015

    🕔Oct 7, 2015
    Congress recently has focused on the need to secure airports from unmanned aerial vehicles as reported near-misses with commercial airliners have been growing in frequency. But a House committee Wednesday […]

    Drones: Exemptions Increase While FAA Works on Flight Rules – DTN Aug 19, 2015

    🕔Aug 19, 2015
    Although the Federal Aviation Administration is making progress at developing rules to allow for the wider use of unmanned aerial systems, or UASs, in a variety of applications including agriculture, […]


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