4 Tips for Fall Sprayer Maintenance Oct 19, 2022

    🕔Oct 19, 2022
    Proper winterizing and storing your sprayer now help you mitigate costly problems in the spring It is very likely that you will not be using your sprayer again until next […]

    Keep Monitors, Sensors, and Scales Accurate During Harvest Oct 4, 2022

    🕔Oct 4, 2022
    When heading to the field for harvest, it’s important to make sure your monitors, sensors and scales are getting accurate numbers. Taking the time to calibrate your combine yield monitor […]

    Michigan: Irrigation Season – Start with Inspections and Repairs Jun 18, 2022

    🕔Jun 18, 2022
    By late June some irrigated fields of potatoes, alfalfa or small grains have had three to four applications of water, but for many producers the irrigation season is just beginning. If you […]

    Pennsylvania Corns Soybeans: Planter Tune-up for Improved Seed Emergence Apr 25, 2022

    🕔Apr 25, 2022
    It’s almost time for planters to enter the field again and begin the process of providing feed and forage for farms across the commonwealth. The planting operation is one of […]

    Iowa: 2022 Spring Maintenance Checklist Mar 30, 2022

    🕔Mar 30, 2022
    Spring planting season will soon be here across the state of Iowa. Whether you’re on the tail end of your spring equipment preparations or just getting started, we wanted to […]

    Time to Inspect Sprayers Feb 16, 2022

    🕔Feb 16, 2022
    As winter begins to wind down, growers need to get their equipment ready for the coming growing season. When it is time to begin spraying and planting, you don’t want […]

    15 Steps for Winter Planter Maintenance Jan 13, 2022

    🕔Jan 13, 2022
    Planter breakdowns are extremely costly at planting time and poor planter performance reduces crop yields. Planter maintenance is especially essential for optimal no-till results. Here are some tips on what […]

    Farm Sues John Deere for Repair Rights – DTN Jan 13, 2022

    🕔Jan 13, 2022
    A North Dakota farm filed a class-action lawsuit on Wednesday, alleging John Deere is violating the Sherman Act in not making diagnostic software available to farmers who want to repair […]

    South Carolina Corn: Evaluate Planter Performance Now Aug 12, 2021

    🕔Aug 12, 2021
    Over the last few years, interest in “yield improving” row crop planter modifications, add-ons, and technologies have been topics of discussion for growers. While there is benefit from various technologies […]

    Alabama: Operation, Maintenance Problems of Center Pivot Irrigation May 28, 2021

    🕔May 28, 2021
    As more center pivot irrigation systems are used in the southeast, farmers and consultants must be able to identify their most common maintenance and operation problems to avoid crop yield […]


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