How to Evaluate Your Herbicide Carryover Risk – DTN Feb 8, 2022

    🕔Feb 8, 2022
    Weed scientists are warning that persistent drought in the northern Midwest in 2021 may have left behind more than just shriveled yields. Herbicides might also be lurking in the soils, […]

    Corn: How Your Crop May Be Getting the Sulfur It Needs – DTN Jan 28, 2022

    🕔Jan 28, 2022
    Sulfur has long been a necessary ingredient for corn crops to grow, thrive and maximize yield. But how your corn crop gets its fill of this key nutrient is changing […]

    What the Endangered Species Act Means for Ag Pesticide Use – DTN Jan 22, 2022

    🕔Jan 22, 2022
    When Zack Rendel learned EPA’s new labels for Enlist One and Enlist Duo banned use of the herbicides on his northeast Oklahoma farm, which was banking on planting Enlist soybeans […]

    Enlist Herbicide Heartburn – DTN Jan 15, 2022

    🕔Jan 15, 2022
    Ethan Zoerb has never seen an American burying beetle, but the insect is threatening to bury his soybean plans for 2022. Two Nebraska counties where he and his father, Dale, […]

    New Enlist Registrations – DTN Jan 11, 2022

    🕔Jan 11, 2022
    The new Enlist labels have new measures aimed at reducing drift and runoff and protecting endangered species and pollinators.

    Dicamba Lawsuit Revived – DTN Jan 7, 2022

    🕔Jan 7, 2022
    Environmental groups are asking a federal court to kickstart a lawsuit demanding EPA vacate its 2020 dicamba registrations.

    Kansas Family Wins National Sorghum Yield Contest – DTN Dec 21, 2021

    🕔Dec 21, 2021
    When the skies above the western Kansas plains are feeling generous, there’s no better time to be a dryland farmer. And there’s no better crop to take advantage of it […]

    Virginia Farmer Wins National Corn Yield Contest with 602bpa – DTN Dec 15, 2021

    🕔Dec 15, 2021
    Corn yields surpassing 600 bushels per acre (bpa) used to be unthinkable. For David Hula, they’re becoming routine. With a no-till, irrigated field of Pioneer’s P1222YHR hitting 602.17 bushels per […]

    Ag Carbon Market Continues to Evolve – DTN Dec 9, 2021

    🕔Dec 9, 2021
    Companies continue looking for ways to refine their carbon programs as more ways to bring farmers into their programs and other companies jump into the market nearly every week it […]

    Herbicides: Republicans Criticize Recent EPA Regs – DTN Nov 24, 2021

    🕔Nov 24, 2021
    A group of 33 Republican legislators sent a letter to EPA on Monday, decrying the agency’s recent regulatory actions on several ag pesticides, including chlorpyrifos, glyphosate and atrazine. The letter […]


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