USDA Opposes EU Court Rule on Gene-Editing and GMO – DTN Jul 31, 2018

    🕔Jul 31, 2018
    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) — the European Union’s highest court — has ruled that gene-edited products should be treated like genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are subject to […]

    Texas: Bt Corn Update, and New Bt Trait Table Published Dec 11, 2017

    🕔Dec 11, 2017
    As final seed purchases are being made in the Texas Panhandle, here is a brief update on the status of Bt corn. But before your eyes glaze over from the […]

    High Oleic Soybeans – Will 2018 Be the Breakthrough Year? – DTN Oct 20, 2017

    🕔Oct 20, 2017
    High oleic soybeans have been waiting in the wings of American agriculture for five years. Companies hope 2018 will be their breakthrough year. Monsanto’s Vistive Gold soybeans will see a […]

    Dicamba Rules: Confused? Remember, State Regs Outweigh Federal – DTN Oct 20, 2017

    🕔Oct 20, 2017
    If you’re feeling a little confused about the EPA’s new rules on dicamba for 2018, you’re not alone.  Last week, EPA made some dicamba herbicides restricted use pesticides (RUP) and […]

    Dicamba is Now a Restricted Use Pesticide Says EPA’s New Label Rules – DTN Oct 16, 2017

    🕔Oct 16, 2017
    Growers will have access to dicamba to spray on dicamba-tolerant crops in 2018, but the herbicides will come with new label restrictions and will be categorized as restricted use pesticides.  […]

    Illinois: DuPont-Pioneer Plant Sciences Symposium, Urbana, Sept. 29 Aug 28, 2017

    🕔Aug 28, 2017
    Top scientists and students will come together on Sept. 29 to highlight innovative technologies that are improving agriculture and helping feed the world. The occasion marks the second time the DuPont-Pioneer Plant […]

    Dicamba Injury: 7 Arkansas Farmers Name Multiple Manufacturers in Lawsuit Jul 24, 2017

    🕔Jul 24, 2017
    A group of 7 Arkansas farmers have had enough of the loss, blame and bad press floating around the issue of dicamba over-the-top applications. Last week (July 19, 2017) they […]

    Corn: New Bt Hybrid Stacking Technology Targets Pests – DTN Mar 13, 2017

    🕔Mar 13, 2017
    About 100 corn growers from the Western Corn Belt this spring will try out DuPont Pioneer’s new pyramided Bt hybrids, under the brand name Qrome . The Qrome hybrids will express […]

    New Biotech Products: Federal Agencies May Not be Ready – DTN Mar 10, 2017

    🕔Mar 10, 2017
    New biotechnology products may attempt to enter the market in the next decade at a breakneck pace, but federal regulatory agencies may not be ready to keep up, according to […]

    Sorghum: Research Funded by Checkoff Program Advances Breeding Tech Mar 3, 2017

    🕔Mar 3, 2017
    A three-year research collaboration effort between the United Sorghum Checkoff Program and DuPont Pioneer has yielded a major new tool for sorghum improvement. DuPont Pioneer research scientists, led by Cleve […]


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