Ohio: Crop Returns Outlook – Final Enterprise Budgets for 2022 Jun 1, 2022

    🕔Jun 1, 2022
    Higher input costs and higher crop prices have been the theme for the last several months. Higher production costs in 2021 gave way to even higher costs for the 2022 […]

    Arkansas Rice: Prevented Planting Decisions Apr 20, 2022

    🕔Apr 20, 2022
    With heavy rainfall this week and more expected over the weekend, discussions surrounding running into prevented planting have started to pick up.  While for rice we still have until May […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2022 Forecast Returns Under Differing Rental Arrangements Feb 10, 2022

    🕔Feb 10, 2022
    Returns for share rent, cash rent, and variable cash rent arrangements are estimated for corn and soybeans on high-productivity farmland in central Illinois. Overall, both landowner and farmer returns will […]

    Ohio Corn, Soybean, Wheat: Enterprise Budgets – Projected Returns for 2021 May 28, 2021

    🕔May 28, 2021
    What a difference a year makes! The crop margin outlook for this year is decidedly different from where we were last year at this time. Factors affecting both supply and […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: High Return Outlook for 2021 May 21, 2021

    🕔May 21, 2021
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture released 2021 corn and soybean supply balance sheets for the first time in the May World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report. In the report, […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Revised 2021 Crop Budgets Lead to Higher Return Projections Oct 30, 2020

    🕔Oct 30, 2020
    The 2021 Crop Budgets have been revised from the original August release. Corn and soybean prices have been increased in revised budgets, leading to higher corn and soybean return projections […]

    Conventional Vs. Organic Grains: 5-Year Comparison Of Returns Sep 8, 2020

    🕔Sep 8, 2020
    Due to continued increases in demand for certified organic grains, crop farmers that have transitioned from conventional to certified organic grains report higher net returns per acre. Despite this, certified […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Time to Lower Cash Rents? Aug 12, 2020

    🕔Aug 12, 2020
    State-level cash rents released last week by the National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) indicate 2020 cash rents were virtually unchanged from 2019 across states in the Corn Belt. While corn […]

    Farm Leases: How Do Net Returns Compare Among Different Arrangements? Aug 10, 2020

    🕔Aug 10, 2020
    Obtaining control of land through leasing has a long history in the United States.  Leases on agricultural land are strongly influenced by local custom and tradition.  However, in most areas, […]

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2021 Crop Budgets Available Aug 5, 2020

    🕔Aug 5, 2020
    Planning for the 2021 crop will begin soon with the determination of 2021 cash rents, selection of 2021 seed hybrids and varieties, application of fertilizers and commencement of fall tillage. […]


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