USDA’s Cover Crop Program Would be Made Permanent through Biden’s Budget Mar 13, 2023

    🕔Mar 13, 2023
    A $6.8 trillion budget proposal was released by the Biden administration on Thursday with the continued “bottom up, middle out” theme, according to USDA. “The President’s budget provides USDA with the tools […]

    Discovery Farms Conference Conversations Center On Conservation; Bringing New Farmers, Funds Into The Field Feb 17, 2023

    🕔Feb 17, 2023
    FERNDALE, Ark. — Farmers must not only conserve the soil and water it has today, but it must also seed the ground for future farmers and public efforts to strengthen […]

    Small Towns and Wind Farms, Energy Policy in Focus; While Cover Crops Garner Attention Dec 30, 2022

    🕔Dec 30, 2022
    David Gelles reported on the front page of today’s New York Times that, “Depressed property values. Flickering shadows. Falling ice. One by one, a real estate appraiser rattled off what he […]

    USDA Study Shows Types Of Cover Crops Used On Major Crop Acreages Dec 6, 2022

    🕔Dec 6, 2022
    Farmers add cover crops to a rotation to provide living, seasonal soil cover between the planting of two cash (commodity) or forage crops. Including cover crops in a rotation can […]

    North Carolina Soybeans: Management Considerations for Planting Cover Crops Oct 27, 2022

    🕔Oct 27, 2022
    Growers across North Carolina continue to increase cover crop adoption for the wide range of benefits that cover crop use offers crop rotations in this state. Past research has investigated […]

    Tennessee: 2022 Cover Crop Variety Trial Report Now Available Sep 24, 2022

    🕔Sep 24, 2022
    Our 2022 cover crop variety trial results are in! If you are thinking about putting in a cover crop this fall, check out which varieties and mixes did best.

    Arkansas Cover Crops: Lower Seeding Rates Produce Same Results for Winter Legumes Sep 22, 2022

    🕔Sep 22, 2022
    When it comes to seeding rates for winter legume cover crops, more seed doesn’t necessarily mean much more biomass production and weed suppression. A recent study for specialty crop growers […]

    Mississippi: Land Stewardship Field Day, Como, Sept. 29 Sep 21, 2022

    🕔Sep 21, 2022
    The Mississippi State University Extension Service will cohost a collaborative field day in Panola County Sept. 29 to share information about cover crops and reduced-till farming, soil and water health, […]

    Michigan: Start Planning Next Year’s Nutrient Needs Now Sep 21, 2022

    🕔Sep 21, 2022
    As fall season approaches, producers across all farms are beginning to look at 2023’s profit potential. One key ingredient to a profitable year is how much your farm’s nutrient management […]

    Pennsylvania: Cover Crop Seeding Rates Sep 21, 2022

    🕔Sep 21, 2022
    With corn silage harvest under way, we are moving into cover crop seeding season across the Commonwealth. Cereal rye remains an important dual-purpose cover crop in the region due to […]


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