Georgia Growers Riding High on Cotton Boom During 2022 Season Jun 8, 2023

    🕔Jun 8, 2023
    Georgia cotton growers are starting the 2023 season with a boost from near-record-breaking yields last year. The United States Department of Agriculture released final yield data in late May, confirming […]

    Cotton: Drought Drops U.S. Harvest to Lowest Level Since 19th Century Aug 17, 2022

    🕔Aug 17, 2022
    The United States is expected to harvest its lowest number of cotton acres since the 19th century, according to an estimate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “USDA projected this year’s […]

    Alabama Cotton Outcome: Not Surprisingly, Quality Takes A Hit Nov 17, 2020

    🕔Nov 17, 2020
    Situation. The initial (August) USDA estimate for Alabama predicted an average yield of 981 lb/A. September and October brought downward adjustments to 976 and 960 lb/A, respectively, while this week’s […]

    Tennessee Cotton: Estimating Yield Loss from Fall Out Dec 4, 2019

    🕔Dec 4, 2019
    While the finish line is either within sight or has been reached by most, Tennessee still has several acres of cotton in the field.  Several have reported fall out, or […]

    Louisiana Cotton: Harvest Yields Mixed Reactions Nov 9, 2018

    🕔Nov 9, 2018
    Louisiana’s 2018 cotton crop is being harvested with mixed reactions. “A lot of people were happy; a lot of people were sad,” said LSU AgCenter cotton specialist Dan Fromme. Northwest […]

    Alabama Cotton Yields 3rd Highest in History Dec 19, 2017

    🕔Dec 19, 2017
    Despite a year with a multitude of challenges in the field, Alabama cotton yields are currently estimated to be the third highest in state history. Cotton production this year is […]

    Arkansas: Cotton Harvest Breaks Records Despite Rocky Start Dec 15, 2017

    🕔Dec 15, 2017
    Despite a rocky start, the Arkansas cotton harvest appears poised for a record outcome. Overall, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service forecasts Arkansas cotton yields at 1.06 million bales in […]

    Cleveland on Cotton: Consumption and Yields Just Keeps Growing Nov 3, 2017

    🕔Nov 3, 2017
    The big BEAR crop in the U.S. and around the world just cannot push New York lower. The trading range continues, but most of the activity is occurring in the […]

    Mississippi: Cotton Harvests Expected to Top 1,000 Pounds Again Oct 7, 2016

    🕔Oct 7, 2016
    There’s no reason for cotton farmers to sing the blues this year. Darrin Dodds, cotton specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said cotton harvest was nearly halfway done […]

    South Texas: Heat Drives Successful Cotton, Corn, Sorghum Crops Jul 28, 2016

    🕔Jul 28, 2016
    South Texas row crop producers are likely to answer with a smile when asked the age old ice-breaker, “Hot enough for you?” Plentiful rainfall late last year combined with mostly […]


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