USDA Releases Cotton and Wool Outlook Report Aug 24, 2023

    🕔Aug 24, 2023
    The August 2023 Cotton and Wool Outlook report presents and discusses USDA’s latest 2023/24 U.S. and world cotton supply and demand projections. To continue reading, click here Click Here

    Thompson on Cotton: Signs a Soft Landing May Be Possible Jul 31, 2023

    🕔Jul 31, 2023
    December futures  string of  daily  highs ended last week at eight. But not before reaching  88.39 which proved to be a trigger point for grower selling. However, as warned, when […]

    Thompson on Cotton: Some Excitement Has Returned Jul 25, 2023

    🕔Jul 25, 2023
    After advancing 326 points and closing higher for the fourth consecutive week, some excitement has returned to the cotton market. For the past eight months, it has steadily traded in […]

    Thompson on Cotton: Desperately in Search of Direction Jul 10, 2023

    🕔Jul 10, 2023
    A mid-week holiday had me confused all week as to what day it was. Desperately in search of direction,  the cotton market shared the same confusion. It began the week […]

    Thompson on Cotton: A Bearish Combination For Cotton Prices Jun 19, 2023

    🕔Jun 19, 2023
    For the eighth time in as many months, cotton prices fell below 80 cents to rebound after finding firm support.   Hitting a low of 79.05  last week, new crop prices […]

    Thompson On Cotton: The Driving Force Behind Today’s Cotton Market May 1, 2023

    🕔May 1, 2023
    “It’s the economy, stupid!” Many of you remember this phrase coined by James Carville when serving as campaign manager for Bill Clinton in 1992 referring to an election-year economic recession. […]

    Thompson On Cotton: A Turnaround Thursday Apr 24, 2023

    🕔Apr 24, 2023
    Last week began on a positive note as prices climbed above 85 cents for the first time since March 7th. Mired in a six-month trading range a return to the […]

    2021 Cotton Market Outlook – Video Mar 12, 2021

    🕔Mar 12, 2021
    Dr. Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee ag economist, discusses the 2021 cotton outlook as part of the University of Tennessee Cotton Focus event.

    Cotton Outlook: Global Stock Increase Led by India Sep 25, 2020

    🕔Sep 25, 2020
    The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates indicate that global cotton ending stocks in 2020/21 are projected at 103.8 million bales, nearly 4.5 percent above 2019/20. Stocks are forecast […]

    Cotton Outlook: Global Production Decrease Led by U.S., Brazil Aug 21, 2020

    🕔Aug 21, 2020
    The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates indicate that global cotton production in 2020/21 is projected at 117.5 million bales, about 4.5 percent below 2019/20, and largely the result […]


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