Minnesota Corn, Soybeans : Micronutrients – Small but Mighty – Video Jul 2, 2019

    🕔Jul 2, 2019
    Micronutrients are “small but mighty” elements required by plants to complete their life cycles. Plants take up less than one pound of micronutrients per acre, with only a few ounces […]

    Louisiana: Soybean Nutrient Profile – Copper Aug 10, 2018

    🕔Aug 10, 2018
    This nutrient profile is a part of a weekly series dedicated to the function of the 16 essential nutrients in soybean. 

    Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Updated Recommendations for Micronutrients Sep 26, 2017

    🕔Sep 26, 2017
    Micronutrients are elements essential to plant growth and development, but in smaller amounts than the big nutrient players like N, P and K. Where the big guys get taken up […]

    Micronutrients – Are You Pulling the Plug on Inputs vs. Profit? – DTN Apr 29, 2016

    🕔Apr 29, 2016
    Little things can mean a lot when it comes to crop production. Andy Barta believes micronutrients are one of the more cost-efficient inputs farmers can invest in these days — […]

    Soybeans: Nutrients, “Low Hanging Fruit” to Improve Upon Mar 18, 2015

    🕔Mar 18, 2015
    Over the last several decades there have been substantial yield improvements in soybean. Because of new varieties and new agronomic practices, the yield potential in soybean is higher now than […]


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