Louisiana Rice: Pest Concerns for Late-Planted Crops May 3, 2021

    Rice Stem Borer. Photo: University of Arkansas
    🕔May 3, 2021
    The recommended planting dates for Louisiana rice are March 10–April 15 for southwest regions and April 1–May 5 in the north. In an ideal world, all rice would be planted […]

    Louisiana Rice: Insecticidal Seed Treatment Considerations Feb 5, 2021

    🕔Feb 5, 2021
    In today’s industry, rice farmers need to consider pest management strategies well before rice is planted. Insecticidal seed treatments have become central to rice pest management programs in recent years, […]

    Arkansas Cotton, Rice, Soy: Insecticide Seed Treatment Options Apr 4, 2019

    🕔Apr 4, 2019
    Cotton Stalk destruction deadline is April 15!! Driving around the Delta we’ve seen several fields where cotton stalks are still standing. The deadline for stalk destruction is April 15. This […]

    Kansas Corn, Sorghum: Chinch Bugs Attacking Stands Jul 4, 2018

    🕔Jul 4, 2018
    Wheat harvest around the district is progressing with some producers done! The rains have really helped the continued development of the corn and sorghum which is significant for combating against insect […]

    Oklahoma Sorghum: Chinch Bugs Present – What Should You Do? Jun 25, 2018

    🕔Jun 25, 2018
    Ph.D. student Jessica Lindenmayer reported finding chinch bugs in several of the sorghum fields as she was scouting this week. Historically, chinch bugs tended to build up in wheat, at […]

    Oklahoma Crops: Section 18 for Transform Use in Cotton and Sorghum. Jun 15, 2018

    🕔Jun 15, 2018
    Much needed rain has falling over most of the state with the exception of some areas. The forecast is calling for rain and cooler temperature starting from Sunday June 17 […]

    Way on Texas Rice: Water Weevils are Feeding after Surviving the Winter May 31, 2018

    🕔May 31, 2018
    Here in the Texas Rice Belt we have had a hot, dry May, except for the past week, which has been relatively wet. So far, this has been another unusual, […]

    Oklahoma Sorghum: Chinch Bug, Corn Leaf Aphids Are Plentiful Aug 25, 2017

    🕔Aug 25, 2017
    Sorghum producers were careful in selecting sorghum hybrids to grow that have resistance to sugarcane aphid. They have also been vigilant in scouting their fields for buildup of sugarcane aphids […]

    Texas Corn, Sorghum: Scout Fields for Early Pests, Sugarcane Aphids Apr 7, 2017

    🕔Apr 7, 2017
    Some places in Hill County received over 2.5″ of rain this past week. Temperatures were mostly warm but with a few colder mornings Wednesday and Thursday. More rain is expected […]

    Louisiana Rice: Choosing the Right Insecticidal Seed Treatment Mar 22, 2017

    🕔Mar 22, 2017
    Early season insect pests represent a consistent threat in Louisiana which can hurt the rice crop right from the onset of the growing season. Fortunately, farmers have several insecticidal seed […]


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