Thompson On Cotton: A Turnaround Thursday Apr 24, 2023

    🕔Apr 24, 2023
    Last week began on a positive note as prices climbed above 85 cents for the first time since March 7th. Mired in a six-month trading range a return to the […]

    Thompson On Cotton: Caught In A Squeeze Apr 10, 2023

    🕔Apr 10, 2023
    For most of the week, the market traded aimlessly looking for guidance.  Renewed recession fears, early on, forced a decline from the previous week’s highs.  Even so, it found firm […]

    Thompson on Cotton: A Significant Rebound Jan 23, 2023

    🕔Jan 23, 2023
    Though mired in the same trading range now going on twelve weeks, a significant rebound off the bottom occurred last week.  This will be the fifth time in the past […]

    Thompson on Cotton: Like a Ticking Time Bomb Jan 17, 2023

    🕔Jan 17, 2023
    Like a ticking time bomb,  March futures have traded in a range between a high of eighty-nine cents and a low of eighty cents for ten consecutive weeks. More worrisome, […]

    Thompson On Cotton: Cotton Is Caught In A Catch-22    Jan 9, 2023

    🕔Jan 9, 2023
    As sounds of fireworks fade, the excitement of ringing in a New Year comes to an end.  Evidently, someone forgot to tell the cotton market for last week’s trading brought […]

    Thompson On Cotton: Poor demand Remains the Anvil Hanging Over This Market Dec 27, 2022

    🕔Dec 27, 2022
    Excuse the delay in our Cotton Market Review but quite frankly we were hindered by the record freeze which came with Christmas.  Even so, the Arctic blast did little to […]

    Thompson on Cotton: The Market Could Care Less About Anyone’s Cost of Production Dec 19, 2022

    🕔Dec 19, 2022
    Cotton prices continued to consolidate for yet another week.  Trading in a  narrow four-cent range, March futures closed each day within 100 points of the previous day’s close.  Despite some […]

    Thompson on Cotton: Casting Mixed Signals Dec 13, 2022

    🕔Dec 13, 2022
    Stubbornly for weeks, eighty cent has provided firm support in a sideways trading market. With the issuance of two major reports, export sales and the December WASDE, there was fear […]

    Thompson on Cotton: Anxiously Awaiting the Monthly WASDE Report Dec 5, 2022

    🕔Dec 5, 2022
     Though mired in a month-long trading range, cotton prices gained three cents on the week as March futures closed Friday at 83.20. This was largely due to Wednesday’s limit-up move, […]

    Thompson on Cotton: The Anvil Hanging Over the Market Nov 28, 2022

    🕔Nov 28, 2022
    Over the past four weeks, March futures have traded in a range from  89 cents to a low of 70 cents.  Swings of this magnitude are indicative of a reactionary […]


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