South Carolina Wheat: New Aphid Pest, Be On The Lookout Apr 18, 2016

    🕔Apr 18, 2016
    A new aphid pest of wheat, Sipha maydis, was found for the first time in South Carolina in April 2016. This species is found in Europe, Asia and parts of […]

    Aphids Proven to Have Genetic Diversity – DTN Jan 11, 2016

    🕔Jan 11, 2016
    The soybean aphid will always win the numbers game. Each year, aphid populations can produce multiple generations within a growing season in the same field, which makes them especially good […]

    How to Properly Scout for Sugarcane Aphids – Video Dec 18, 2015

    🕔Dec 18, 2015
    Learn how to scout sorghum for common insect pests in a newly released video by Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist at University of Tennessee.

    Texas: Transform Section 18 Request for Sugarcane Aphids, 2016 Dec 11, 2015

    🕔Dec 11, 2015
    Dale R. Scott, Coordinator for Pesticide Product Evaluation and Registration, Texas Department of Agriculture, this week submitted a Section 18 (emergency exemption) request to EPA to allow Transform insecticide (sulfoxaflor) […]

    Texas: Crop Consultant Workshop, Bonnie View, Dec. 16 Nov 9, 2015

    🕔Nov 9, 2015
    The Refugio Crop Consultant Workshop will be held from 8 a.m–3:30 p.m. Dec. 16 at the Bonnie View Community Center on Farm-to-Market 629 in Bonnie View. It is being hosted […]

    Sugarcane Aphids: New Map Shows 17 States, 417 Counties Infested Oct 12, 2015

    🕔Oct 12, 2015
    17 States and 417 Counties Infested  Dr. Robert Bowling has released the Sept. 30th sugarcane aphid distribution maps, and these record confirmed sugarcane aphid presence in 17 states.

    Georgia Sorghum: Harvesting with Sugarcane Aphids Sep 30, 2015

    🕔Sep 30, 2015
    We are almost done harvesting milo for grain in Thomas County. This is the first season all of us have dealt with sugarcane aphids from beginning to end. The majority […]

    North Carolina Sorghum: Sugar Cane Aphids Found in Granville and Person Counties Sep 28, 2015

    🕔Sep 28, 2015
    The invasive species of the White Sugar Cane Aphid has been found in grain sorghum fields in Granville and Person Counties. The white sugar cane aphid has been creating havoc […]

    Mississippi Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Overcome by Educated Growers Sep 25, 2015

    🕔Sep 25, 2015
    After causing significant challenges in 2014, sugarcane aphids did not catch Mississippi’s grain sorghum growers by surprise this year. “We are not sure if sugarcane aphids were not as bad […]

    Virginia Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Now in 5 Counties Sep 24, 2015

    🕔Sep 24, 2015
    Sugarcane aphid (SCA) infestations have been documented in sorghum fields in 5 Virginia counties (Suffolk, Southampton, Surry, Sussex, and Isle of Wight–see infestation map, below). The area of the infestation […]


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