California Almonds: Should We Consider European Cultivars? Sep 28, 2020

    🕔Sep 28, 2020
    Over the past few years, I have visited several almond orchards across Spain and Portugal that are producing European cultivars of almonds. These orchards are of all shapes and planting […]

    California Almonds: Major Variety Swings – Winners and Losers Jan 13, 2020

    🕔Jan 13, 2020
    Here is a quick breakdown of varieties planted in California almond orchards compared to a year ago. So Far Vs. 1 year Ago % Change Nonpareil 1,002,190,943 866,368,395 +15.7% Independence […]

    California Almonds: How Does Hull Split Timing Differ by Rootstock? Oct 23, 2019
    🕔Oct 23, 2019
    You’re certainly familiar with the differences in almond hull split and subsequent harvest timing between different varieties. A typical case of this can be observed with early splitting and harvest […]

    California Almonds: Leafing Failure in Monterey Varieties Jun 14, 2018

    🕔Jun 14, 2018
    This spring, I received many calls regarding the failure of vegetative buds to push, particularly in the Monterey variety. Affected trees are characterized by an entire scaffold that failed to […]

    California Almonds: Varietal Trends in Acres Planted, 1988-2016 Jun 6, 2017

    🕔Jun 6, 2017
    The almond acreage report for 2016 was released by California Department of Food and Ag (CDFA) on April 26, 2017. This report is developed from voluntary grower survey responses, pesticide […]


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