Michigan: How Will Wet Spring Impact Insect Pests? Jun 20, 2019

    🕔Jun 20, 2019
    I have been getting many questions (and theories) about the how the wet spring will impact insects. My thoughts are below, divided by insect. First, a plug for the upcoming […]

    Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Black Cutworm Moths, Slugs Becoming Active May 11, 2018

    🕔May 11, 2018
    Now that Spring has arrived in earnest, various pest species are active and they should be kept in mind. These pests include alfalfa weevil, timothy mites, cereal leaf beetle, black […]

    Oklahoma: Alfalfa Weevil Egg Populations Update Feb 22, 2018

    🕔Feb 22, 2018
    On February 5-6, 2018, alfalfa samples were taken at nine sites across the state to determine egg populations of Alfalfa Weevil. In light of the type of winter we’ve had […]

    Pennsylvania: What Pests are Overwintering in Your Field? Feb 9, 2018

    🕔Feb 9, 2018
    Although some pests migrate to Pennsylvania in the spring, some overwinter right here in Pennsylvania. Below are descriptions of some of the insect pests in field crops that overwinter in […]

    Kentucky Alfalfa: Watch for Post-Harvest Alfalfa Weevil Damage May 10, 2017

    🕔May 10, 2017
    The 2017 alfalfa weevil population is winding down, but some are taking their last bites before leaving fields. The few late-developing larvae, along with newly emerged adults, can feed on […]

    Forage Outlook: Taking a Close Look at Winter Injury, Pest and Weeds – DTN Apr 17, 2017

    🕔Apr 17, 2017
    Ron Tombaugh is seeing his alfalfa fields green up. The Streater, Illinois, hay and straw producer said while it is too early to know exactly what is in store for […]

    Indiana: Armyworm Moths in Pheromone Traps; Alfalfa Weevil Management Apr 14, 2017

    🕔Apr 14, 2017
    Armyworms Black cutworm moths, as reported last week, are not the only insects clouding the skies of the Hoosier state this spring. Armyworm moths have been captured in abundance in […]

    Kentucky: 6 Alfalfa Weevil Control Considerations – Odds And and Ends Apr 5, 2017

    🕔Apr 5, 2017
    This seems to be a banner year for the alfalfa weevil, at least in some regions of the state. Here are some things to consider for effective weevil control: 1. […]

    Kentucky: Alfalfa Weevil Feeding Underway – Injury Potential Is A Numbers Game Mar 15, 2017

    🕔Mar 15, 2017
    Alfalfa weevil is the major insect pest of the first alfalfa cutting. Kentucky’s mild winter has pushed development significantly ahead so feeding by weevil larvae is appearing early. The February […]

    Kentucky: Early Year for Alfalfa Weevils Mar 16, 2016

    🕔Mar 16, 2016
    A January 12, 2016 KPN article speculated on the impact of the 2015-16 winter on alfalfa weevil in Kentucky.  Mild temperatures should have allowed females to be active and lay […]


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