Midwest Grain – Dry Weather Helps When You Can Get It – AgFax Jun 10, 2015

    🕔Jun 10, 2015
    We’re finally getting some 80 and 90 degree temperatures – ideal for the crops and, unfortunately, the weeds. Insect pressure remains light, but with the planting delays growers are watching […]

    Midwest Grain: Weeds Must Like Wet, Cold Weather – AgFax May 21, 2015

    🕔May 21, 2015
    An abundance of rain accompanied by chilling temperatures have brought planting in some areas of Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota to a standstill. Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin growers are […]

    Hay Exports: Game Changer for Some, Water Issue for Others – DTN Feb 18, 2015

    🕔Feb 18, 2015
    Once considered a mostly local commodity because of bulky physical characteristics that make handling and transportation difficult, an increasing amount of U.S. hay has been moving to overseas markets during […]

    California Cotton: More Bolls Opening And Early, Too – AgFax Aug 17, 2014

    🕔Aug 17, 2014
    In cotton, bolls are opening on a wider and mostly earlier basis. Some are opening in stressed areas, but we’re also hearing about bolls popping in places with no apparent […]

    California Alfalfa: Pigweed Becoming More Prevalent Aug 6, 2014

    🕔Aug 6, 2014
    Alfalfa is an excellent competitor with weeds. There is no better weed control method than a dense stand of alfalfa. However, even with a good stand, some weeds can get […]

    California Cotton: Emphasis On Sticky Cotton Increases – AgFax Aug 3, 2014

    🕔Aug 3, 2014
    Additional whitefly and/or aphid treatments are going out in some southern San Joaquin Valley cotton. UC Entomologist Pete Goodell (@UCBug52) said in an advisory Friday that growers and PCAs in […]

    Nebraska: Late Summer Grass and Alfalfa Planting – Preparation is Key Jul 25, 2014

    🕔Jul 25, 2014
    Seedbed preparation is key to successful planting of alfalfa, grass, or some small-seeded cover crops. August is great timing, if you have enough moisture to do it right. Seedbed preparation […]

    California Cotton: Crop Moving Fast. Strong Yield Potential – AgFax Jul 20, 2014

    🕔Jul 20, 2014
    Cotton yield prospects continue to look strong where growers have water. The crop is moving fast by most accounts.

    California Cotton: Whitefly Sprays Start, Definitely Early – AgFax Jul 13, 2014

    🕔Jul 13, 2014
    Whitefly treatments have started in cotton south of Bakersfield, according to Dale Deshane with Supervised Control. Spraying started significantly earlier than in 2013, he added, and he also expects to […]

    Alfalfa Insurance Program Now Permanent — DTN Jul 8, 2014

    🕔Jul 8, 2014
    A pilot insurance program for growers of alfalfa hybrid seed has recently become a permanent insurance program through the federal crop insurance program. Dave Paul, Director of the RMA Spokane […]


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