Thousands of Florida Ranches Damaged By Hurricane Ian Nov 3, 2022

    🕔Nov 3, 2022
    A survey of cattle ranchers following Hurricane Ian found 5,822 suffered significant damage to structures, fences and equipment. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said the survey indicated […]

    Winter squash is November’s ‘Louisiana Harvest of the Month’ Nov 2, 2022

    squash field
    🕔Nov 2, 2022
    BATON ROUGE, La. — Native Americans taught the Puritan settlers many things about life in America, including how to grow and prepare winter squash — a food they had never seen before but that […]

    Alabama Peanuts: Stand Loss – What’s the Problem? Jun 1, 2020

    🕔Jun 1, 2020
    Stand Loss There have been several reports of stand loss in Alabama and Georgia peanut crops this year. There may be several causes of this loss including seed quality and […]

    2020 World Cotton Outlook: Bearish Effect from Multiple Factors Feb 15, 2020

    🕔Feb 15, 2020
    National Cotton Council economists point to a few key factors that will shape the U.S. cotton industry’s 2020 economic outlook. This past year can be characterized as a year with […]

    Cotton Acres Expected To Slip In 2020 – NCC Survey Feb 15, 2020

    🕔Feb 15, 2020
    U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 13.0 million cotton acres this spring, down 5.5% from 2019 (based on USDA’s February 2020 estimate), according to the National Cotton Council’s 39th Annual […]

    Dicamba: Arkansas Slaps $105,000 Fine On Farmer For Alleged Misuse Oct 25, 2019

    🕔Oct 25, 2019
    The Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Plant Board met on October 23 and fined a Missouri farmer $105,000 for nine violations of Arkansas laws and regulations regarding the use of dicamba […]

    Georgia Meeting Will Cover Trade Aid, Disaster Recovery Assistance Oct 5, 2019

    🕔Oct 5, 2019
    The University of Georgia Extension and Georgia FSA are hosting producer education meetings throughout the state of Georgia, Oct. 8-11. Meetings will be held in Bainbridge, Tifton, Douglas, Reynolds, Waynesboro, […]

    North Carolina: Making The Case For Non-Bt Corn Oct 3, 2019

    🕔Oct 3, 2019
    All growers who plant Bt corn in North Carolina are required by law to plant non-Bt corn (refuge). Details are specified on the bag tag, but non-Bt corn must represent […]

    Alabama Peanuts: Making Pest Decisions In Late Fields Sep 25, 2019

    🕔Sep 25, 2019
    Although many crops are close to harvest and treating those crops may not make sense, the drought conditions in the eastern half of the state have worsened in recent weeks […]

    Cotton: Post-Hurricane USDA Conditions, Open-Boll Estimate – Audio Sep 10, 2019

    🕔Sep 10, 2019
    Cotton bolls are open ahead of schedule, nationwide and in states that were grazed by Hurricane Dorian. (Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)    


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