Robots Help Fight Powdery Mildew with UV Lights Jun 8, 2020

    🕔Jun 8, 2020
    Robots fitted with ultraviolet light lamps that roam vineyards at night are proving effective at killing powdery mildew, a devastating pathogen for many crops, including grapes. Researchers at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, […]

    Marmorated Stink Bugs: Scientists Fight Back with Samurai Wasps Jul 5, 2018

    🕔Jul 5, 2018
    “Samurai Wasps vs. Stink Bugs” is not the title of the latest Avengers film. But it does describe new efforts by Cornell scientists to control a household nuisance and agricultural […]

    New York Corn, Soybeans: Surveys Alert Growers to Recent Pest Trends Jul 4, 2018

    🕔Jul 4, 2018
    As Northern New York farmers scout corn and soybean fields for any diseases that may impact crop health and yield, they can use five years’ worth of survey results as […]

    New York Corn: Fear Of Planting Too Early? Feb 6, 2015

    🕔Feb 6, 2015
    Planting A Full-Season Hybrid At The ~1.5 To 2.0 Inch Depth From ~May 15 To ~May 20 Resulted In Maximum The average corn planting date is considerably earlier now compared […]

    New York Corn: Is That 2-Inch Planting Depth Sacred? Feb 5, 2015

    🕔Feb 5, 2015
    It is generally recognized that the 2-inch planting depth is optimum for corn stand establishment and yield. Too shallow a planting depth (<1.5 inches) may result in drying out of […]

    New York Corn: How Early Can We Plant Now? Jan 12, 2015

    🕔Jan 12, 2015
    The average corn planting date is considerably earlier now compared to 25 years ago, especially in the Midwest USA. In NY, planting is earlier than ever but still lags behind […]

    New York: Crops in Good Condition, Wheat Harvest at 25% – USDA Jul 21, 2014

    🕔Jul 21, 2014
    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending July 20, 2014. New York had an average of 5 days suitable for field work. Weather this week started hot humid and […]


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