Mississippi Cash Grain

    Jackson, Ms Thursday July 23, 2020   USDA-MS Market News
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    Mississippi Daily Grain Report.  Grain prices at Country Elevators.
    Bid price as of 2:00 p.m. (Price per bushel): Trends compared to previous day
    close (Old Crop): Soybeans up 3, Wheat steady, Sorghum no trend, Corn up 2.
                                                (Cash Bids)
                        No 1 Yellow          No 2 Soft Red       No 2 Yellow      No 2 Yellow
    			Spot		    Spot	        Spot	         Spot	
                        Soybeans basis       Wheat basis        Sorghum basis    Corn  basis
    Greenville          9.35-9.44   +30&+44Q  5.33-0.00  -0n      ----  -       3.48-3.64  +20&+36u
    Belzoni             9.05      	-0Q       5.08       -25n                   3.53       +25u
    Greenwood           9.05     	-0Q       5.08       -25n                   3.53       +25u
    Hollandale                                        	      0.00  -0      ----    
    Indianola           9.10      	+05Q      5.08       -25n                   3.43       +15u
                                       (Contract/New Crop Bids)
                          No 1 Yellow         No 2 Soft Red      No 2 Yellow      No 2 Yellow
                            Aug-Oct               -                Aug-Sep          Aug-Sep 
                        Soybeans Basis        Wheat Basis       Sorghum Basis     Corn Basis
    Greenville (FGT)    9.24-9.28    +25&+28   0.00      -0                     3.46-3.50 +18&+22
    Belzoni             8.94         -05       0.00      -0                     3.39      +11
    Greenwood           8.94         -05       0.00      -0                     3.39      +11                                                             
    Hollandale                                                    3.36  -0          
    Indianola           8.99         -0        0.00      -0                     3.31      +03
    Chicago Board of Trade/Kansas City Board of Trade month symbols:
    F January, H March, K May, N July, Q August, U September, V October,
    X November, Z December.
    Source: Mississippi Dept. of Ag- USDA Market News, Jackson, Ms. GR110.txt


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