Cooking Competition Promotes Induction Technology and U.S. Rice

    (USA Rice)

    SEOUL, KOREA – Dipo Induction, a manufacturer of induction cooktops founded here in 1999, recently joined with Apro Foodtainment and USA Rice to host the 2023 DIPO Induction Culinary Competition.  The event, designed to promote induction cooking equipment that is energy efficient and ensures a more precise, even heat, attracted more than 200 chefs, from culinary students to professionals.

    Participants were required to use U.S.-grown rice in four of the competition categories: low-temperature cooking, pan frying, deep frying, and Chinese wok frying.

    The panel of judges included six local and eight international chefs.

    “USA Rice interviewed all the winners and asked them to recount their experiences cooking with U.S. rice,” said Jim Guinn, USA Rice director of Asia promotion programs.  “The judges also shared insights into proper techniques for cooking with U.S. medium grain and offered recommendations for its optimal culinary preparation.  These interviews will be used at other events to encourage the use of U.S. rice.”

    South Korea is the second largest market for U.S. rice in Asia, which, prior to last year’s devastating drought in California, accounted for an average of about 143,000 MT in the prior three years.

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