Virginia Cotton: Advancing Maturity and Only Marginal Rain

    The extent of the 2022 drought is unknown at this point.  Some areas are saying “what drought?” and others have not had any significant rain since August 4th.

    • Crops, yards, and gardens have all been showing the signs of missing rain or only getting tenths of an inch ever since we missed that week of rain that had been forecasted for the end of August.
    • Thoughts of ‘what could have been’ are still on our minds as we finally got some wet looking ground on Monday morning this week.  Unfortunately, less than half the area had more than a half inch.  Still, all are thankful for what we got.
    • Overall, for cotton and peanuts, both of which had promise for record breaking yields at the end of August has relegated itself backwards some.  I think the icing is gone but hopefully we still have the cake.
    • Corn is off from previous years but still better than many had feared as the early part of the summer was uncooperative for that crop.
    • Warm and Sunny conditions will provide cotton farmers a favorable period to access crop maturity and begin the defoliation for the early planted and sandier fields in the coming 10 days

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