Ohio Wheat: Performance Test Results Available Online

    Photo: Texas AgriLife Extension

    Results from the 2022 Ohio Wheat Performance Test are now online by clicking HERE.

    The purpose of the Ohio Wheat Performance Test is to evaluate wheat varieties, blends, brands, and breeding lines for yield, grain quality, and other important performance characteristics. This information gives wheat producers comparative information for selecting the varieties best suited for their production system and market.

    Varieties differ in yield potential, winter hardiness, maturity, standability, disease and insect resistance, and other agronomic characteristics. Selection should be based on performance from multiple test sites and years.

    In fall 2021, wheat was planted at all five locations within 10 days of the fly-free date. Wheat entered dormancy in good to excellent condition. Cool temperatures and adequate moisture lead to a long grain fill period and high-yielding conditions. A derecho storm in mid-June resulted in higher than average lodging at the Wayne county location, as well as the loss of the disease nursery.

    Results from Union County were not included in this report due to extreme field variability caused by wildlife. Harvest conditions were favorable and harvest dates average. Overall, grain test weight averaged 58.1 lb/bu (same average test weight in 2021). Grain yield averaged between 87.2 and 111.5 bu/acre among the five locations.

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