Virginia Cotton: Rains Do Little to Alleviate Dry Conditions

    Moisture stressed cotton.

    Last week about half the area got more than a trace of rainfall, but still we only measured our rain in tenths. Unfortunately, some of the area that has needed it most was only measuring rainfall in drops.

    • This week offers only scant hope with a minimal amount of rain, but hopefully that forecast will improve. We at least know that we are all moving closer to that next good rain.
    • One thing about dry conditions is that you can stay caught up with your work.
    • This week the cotton planted during the middle planting dates is reaching nitrogen layby time. For a single application of in-season nitrogen, the best timing is approximately the 8 to 10 leaf stage.
    • The late May cotton will follow layby time around the end of June and the June planted cotton is just beginning to make a few true leaves and will not be ready for layby nitrogen until the middle of July.
    • The plant bug season is starting to pop into our minds if not actually a few hot spots in an advanced field or two.

    Next time, I’ll discuss the strategies of basing the spray decisions on scouting compared to scheduling planned insecticide trips. For now, I will be doing some random checking.

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