New Crop Input Supply Platform Launches

    Soybean seed treatments. Photo: Ohio State University

    Streamline Ag is a new, ultra-efficient crop input supply platform offering products that address the full crop cycle, from pre-plant to post harvest. The Streamline Ag portfolio includes proven utility products used on almost every row crop farm, combined with innovative yield-enhancing technologies, all conveniently offered through your local seed dealer.

    “It’s the perfect time to launch Streamline Ag as global investments in crop input technologies, both biological and synthetic, are at record highs. These investments are producing innovations that will, in many cases, be best positioned as part of the seed recommendation,” said Frank Peterson, Streamline Ag product expert.

    At Streamline Ag, we are very passionate about helping growers get the most out their leading seed genetics by matching crop inputs to optimize performance. We’re new to the market, and excited to help growers address the emerging need for a seed focused, data-driven approach to crop inputs, delivered through local seed dealers focused on your fields.

    Many of the current Streamline Ag products are designed to be applied during the planter pass and work in conjunction with specific hybrids and varieties, putting your seed representative in a leading position to make the best agronomic recommendations.

    Streamline Ag products fit into six key categories: nitrogen stabilizers, spray tank aids, foliar nutrition, biological plant nutrition, plant growth regulators, and custom solutions. Specific products include NCase for the pre-plant stage; Fortify, Tune-Up, Optalign, Optalign H2O, and ProPhase for the planting stage; NutriBoost, Nutriboost N, NutriBoose Defense, and Transit for post-emergence; and Residue Release and NCase for post-harvest applications.

    Rob See Co, an independent seed company, will be offering Streamline Ag products through their network of seed sales people.  “We are excited to offer Streamline Ag products to our customers,” said Jim Robinson, Rob-See-Co Chief Technology Officer. “Streamline Ag addresses the need to match crop inputs with your genetic decisions in an efficient and simple way.”

    To learn more about Streamline Ag, visit here.

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